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  1. OnlineDM

    4E Three free adventures: The Staff of Suha Cycle

    Those of you who have been around for a while may remember seeing these adventures when I originally wrote them. But now, inspired by a friend on the other side of the country who said he was planning to run these adventures for his group soon, I finally put all three adventures in a single...
  2. OnlineDM

    Kid-Friendly RPG by OnlineDM

    Inspired in part by the excellent RPG Kids from NewbieDM, I created a simple role playing game for use with my 8 year old niece and 5 year old nephew. I'm calling it Kid-Friendly RPG (KFRPG for short), and it's freely available on my site...
  3. OnlineDM

    Free adventure: Spooks Under Silverymoon

    As part of the May of the Dead blog carnival, I've posted a new, free adventure on my blog called Spooks Under Silverymoon. You can download the PDF directly here. The adventure comes with maps and monster stat blocks, of course, and larger maps (sized for 50 pixel per square grids in MapTool)...
  4. OnlineDM

    Probability question: Advantage and Disadvantage

    So, I'm still working my way through the playtest documents (loving them so far), but I had a question about the advantage/disadvantage mechanic. For those who haven't seen it yet, advantage means you roll two d20s and take the better roll, and disadvantage means you roll twice and take the...
  5. OnlineDM

    5E Running D&D Next at local conventions

    What do you expect DMs will be allowed to do with the D&D Next playtest materials as far as public play goes? Denver has a convention over Labor Day weekend called TactiCon, and they're asking DMs to submit games now that they want to run at that convention. I plan to run some D&D 4e games and...
  6. OnlineDM

    Lich Chess

    I had an odd brainstorm over the weekend. Wouldn't it be fun to play chess where your king is a lich and can't die until you destroy its phylactery, which is carried by one of the other pieces? Okay, so maybe I'm the only one who finds that sort of thing fun, but I thought I'd toss it out there...
  7. OnlineDM

    Heroes of the Elemental Chaos - review

    I've put my impressions of Heroes of the Elemental Chaos on my blog. In a nutshell, I feel that it's just okay. - I like the info on primordials and the whole first chapter for people who want to run elemental- or primordial-themed adventures. - I was a little bummed to see no actual racial...
  8. OnlineDM

    Ennie Awards site trouble

    I'd post this over on the Ennies site itself, but the problem I'm having seems to prevent me from doing so! I'd like to submit an entry for the 2012 Ennie Awards. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble with the web site. All of the formatting is missing, and I'm not able to actually open the...
  9. OnlineDM

    WotBS end of adventure six: My party is awesome!

    I just finished running my party though adventure six of the 4e version of War of the Burning Sky last night, and it totally rocked. Down to their last resources, they prevailed against all odds. It was seven rounds of absolute mayhem. The blog post has more details, including screen shots (I...
  10. OnlineDM

    ZEITGEIST - OnlineDM's session recaps

    I decided to finally start writing up my session recaps for ZEITGEIST. We just finished our third session last night, bringing us to the end of Adventure One, but I've only posted the recap of the first session so far. The second session recap is written and scheduled for tomorrow. Session One...
  11. OnlineDM

    PF Paizo and 5e

    Obviously this will all be wild speculation at this point. But what might Paizo's role be with 5e (or whatever the new iteration of D&D ends up being called)? I think it will depend heavily on the license for the new game, of course. If it's restrictive, I can't see any reason for Paizo to do...
  12. OnlineDM

    4E Looking for player: 4e online MapTool/Skype Friday nights - WotBS

    Edit: It looks like the spot has been filled now. Thanks! I have an opening in my long-running Friday night game in the War of the Burning Sky campaign. We play using MapTool and Skype on Friday evenings. The PCs are currently 17th-18th level, and it's a pretty balanced party. If you're...
  13. OnlineDM

    ZEITGEIST MapTool file - Adventure One

    I originally planned to do this long ago, but since I'm only getting my ZEITGEIST campaign going now, well, better late than never. I've finished putting together a MapTool file for the first ZEITGEIST adventure (4e version), The Island at the Axis of the World. The framework is my own, not a...
  14. OnlineDM

    ZEITGEIST Adventure One - Rebel Investigator

    I'm excited to have FINALLY gotten my ZEITGEIST campaign off the ground on Christmas Day. We had a blast with the first session. Now I'm prepping for Act Two, and I was a little puzzled by the Rebel Investigator's powers. - Fey Mists does the same damage as the Shillelagh, but it also blinds...
  15. OnlineDM

    Permalinks to posts

    I'm not sure if this is a new thing or not, but I've noticed that the permalinks to individual posts in forum threads contain a link to the page number in the thread, which doesn't work properly if you set your number of posts per page to be something different than whoever is clicking on the...
  16. OnlineDM

    RPG Podcasts - What do you listen to?

    I wrote a blog post today in which I talked about the RPG podcasts I listen to (and a couple I've even been a guest on). Commenters on the post have started chiming in with other podcasts to check out, and I'm sure there are even more I'm not aware of. So, I thought I'd bring the question to...
  17. OnlineDM

    Starting a new campaign: Session zero

    I recently started a new campaign and put up a blog post about the experience. I'd like to hear how other people handle the beginning of a new campaigns. In the past, since the folks I've played with all use the 4th Edition Character Builder software, everyone has created their characters on...
  18. OnlineDM

    Pixie in heavy armor: Penalty to fly speed?

    I think this is an area where the Character Builder is a little bit off, but I wanted to see what other people think. If you build a pixie character, it normally has a speed of 4 and a fly speed of 6. If you put it in heavy armor like chainmail, the armor has a -1 penalty to speed. The...
  19. OnlineDM

    Win a copy of Heroes of the Feywild from the Tome Show

    We're recording an episode of the Tome Show right now, and you can listen in via Mixlr. One lucky listener who turns in during the recording will win a copy of the book we're reviewing, Heroes of the Feywild. Come on and listen! Squach - Live Broadcast - Mixlr
  20. OnlineDM

    Review of Heroes of the Feywild

    I thought I'd share my review of Heroes of the Feywild here, since it might be of interest to EN Worlders. Part 1: Overview Part 2: Races and Classes Part 3: Character Options and Building Your Character