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  1. Brown Jenkin

    GTS 2009 D&D Seminar - D&D Miniatures discussion

    An interesting idea was presented at the GTS D&D Seminar towards the end during question and answer time. Questions had been raised again about the possibility of having War Bands boxes. While it was explained that was not really feasible another audience member had an alternate solution that...
  2. Brown Jenkin

    WotC sues EBay

    *Please note this is an attempt at humor and not a real press release.
  3. Brown Jenkin

    Hawk the Slayer sequel

    Jinga Films working on Hawk the Hunter Screen Daily - News
  4. Brown Jenkin

    Characters first or World first?

    Our group is looking at starting a secondary campaign to give our DM an short sabbatical and a chance to play. The person running the campaign is an experienced DM but is just joining our group and does not show up for our current campaign. He knows several of the players already, but not all...
  5. Brown Jenkin

    Music Video: Knights of Cydonia

    Since we seem to be doing music videos now here is my favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy themed one. YouTube - Knights of cydonia The game with this one is their intended game. Can you find all the sci-fi/fantasy references.
  6. Brown Jenkin

    When will Eureka resume

    Next week is the midseason finale of Eureka and I was wondering if anyone had info on when it would resume (My Google-Fu failed me this time). I know they are contracted for 12 more episodes this season after next week's, so when will they air?
  7. Brown Jenkin

    And the new Catwoman is ...

    Cher No I am not kidding or so reports the Telegraph reports.
  8. Brown Jenkin

    Fan Site Policy: When is it coming?

    Back when the GSL was released it was mentioned there would be a separate Fan Site Policy. Scott mentioned it was being worked on and would be out later. I am starting this thread so that there would be a place to post any news on this.
  9. Brown Jenkin

    BSG original series episodes on

    Well it seems the Google ads here on ENWorld do pay off occasionally. As I was reading threads in the Media Lounge I noticed a Google ad for the Original Battlestar Galatica episodes on
  10. Brown Jenkin

    GSL - unintended loophole

    It occurred to me that there are several products that were previously not published under the OGL but with the addition of the D&D logo could do well. Following the rules of the GSL Section 3: roleplaying supplement that is a hard or softcover book or accessory not banned in section 5.5...
  11. Brown Jenkin

    Embedding Pictures

    I'm not sure if this is the right place but it seems like it. I have a question about moderator policy over in the 4e forum. Specifically in the Daily Art Thread The policy is now that we can't embed pictures in the thread. I have not received a...
  12. Brown Jenkin

    Magic Weapon Creation

    I am playing a character for the first time with the Craft Magic Arms and Armour feat. I have a question on caster level and total bonuses. As far as I can tell from the rules for straight up pluses (+1 to +5) this is based on caster level/3. Now for other abilities they have specific caster...
  13. Brown Jenkin

    'Dungeons & Dragons' fights for its future

    MSNBC just posted an article on 4e called 'Dungeons & Dragons' fights for its future. While it doesn't say 4e is an online game, the article could leave that impression to those not paying close attention. It also briefly covers that the reception has been mixed and that Paizo is not supporting...
  14. Brown Jenkin

    Is the 15 minute adventuring day now the 90 minute adventuring day?

    There has been talk about how 4E gets rid of the 15 minute adventuring day. While I grant it will likely be somewhat longer from what I can see so far it strikes me as being still very similar. With 4E there are two daily resources that can be expended. There are Powers and there are Healing...
  15. Brown Jenkin

    2007 Razzie Nominations

    Since the Oscar thread is up it is only fair the Razzie nominations are listed as well. Worst Picture: Bratz - Lionsgate Daddy Day Camp - Sony/Tri-Star/Revolution I Know Who Killed Me - Sony/Tri-Star I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry - Universal Norbit - Dreamworks Worst Actor: Nicolas Cage -...
  16. Brown Jenkin

    Max Skill Ranks

    I have a question that I should probably be able to find the answer too but I can't see to be able to. The question is about max skill ranks and multiclassing. If a character starts a level 1 with a skill that is cross class they are at half the max skill ranks as one that is a class skill...
  17. Brown Jenkin

    Boots of Tremorsense price

    Sorry about posting this, I am rushing at work to get a revised character sheet done for our game tonight. My DM gave my charachater Boots of Tremorsense last week and I don't see them in the SRD I have access to at work. What is the retail price on these? and what book are they from so I can...
  18. Brown Jenkin

    Arcane preparation (T&B)

    I need a feat soon and I was looking around when I ran across this again. I had originaly disregarded it since I don't use metamagics but as I re-read it I was left confused since the language is vague. It says you can prepare spells like a wizard and then says that this can be used to prepare...
  19. Brown Jenkin

    Netscape 6 Javascript error

    I was just trying to post to a thread and I can no longer enter text properly. The enter key either wipes out what I have written or jumps to the top of box and ignores everything else onscreen. I was able to submit what I had and tried to go back and edit and the same thing happened. This time...
  20. Brown Jenkin

    Question about Magic Oils

    The 3.5 SRD does a better job of explaining what can be a Magic Potion or Oil but I was confused as to why two possible elixers were not included. The rule as I understand it is that it has to be a spell of 3rd level or lower and have a range of Touch. If it effects a person it is a Potion and...