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    Arcane Power - Organizations?

    That one's listed for Dungeon rather than Dragon like the White Lotus one. Could be the same thing, but I dunno. It could be some adventure/map/etc that takes place at White Lotus too... *shrugs*
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    Players running more than one PC

    Each of the players in my group has been playing 2-3 characters (depending if we have a third person or not) each for a while now. However, none of them are very big on the amatuer-acting side of roleplaying, so it hasn't been a big problem for us. If we ever did a campaign more focused on...
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    Potions: ritual or alchemical?

    It makes perfect sense to me too, and I do the same. The inner-cynic in me thinks the only reason they are under Rituals is because alchemy wasn't in the PHB :p
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    weigh in: damage effects at bloodied and below

    I'm a fan of adding +1/2 level (of the attacker) damage against Bloodied targets.
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    Bloodied Penalty

    I too would like bloodied to be more of a game effect than it currently is. My plan is to add +1/2 level (of the attacker) damage to attacks against bloodied foes. Makes being bloodied mean something beyond having access to (or being affected by) various powers/abilities, and helps speed up Solo...
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    Official Power Card Images

    Didn't the most recent Ampersand article have a power card in it? Sure, it was for the Primal Heroes minis pack, but I imagine they are the same as the power card decks.
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    Arcane Power: Vestige Pact

    Honestly, when I started reading the Star Pact powers (particularly the ones from the Dragon article), I had the inkling that the Vestige Pact was effectively folded into it, and that any flavor of separate vestiges was just fluff. Still, I figured the best way to fully convert the Binder was...
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    Forked Thread: Fix Stat Polarity

    Yep, that seems like a feature to me. A high Strength fighter will still preform just as well as one would currently, but he can live with sacrificing a few points of Strength to get a higher Secondary (or Tietary, gotta keep up those off-stat defenses!) stat. Also, I'd recommend reflavoring...
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    Who Started Playing D&D Indirectly?

    My first DnD experience? The NES version of Pool of Radiance. My first RPG ever? Final Fantasy I.
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    Floating Powers (Was: WoTC March 2009 Editorial Calendar)

    Hmm... the best example of these I can think of would be either the Weapon-Specific multiclass powers (Whip, Bola, etc). Don't really fit any class in particular, but fit well within a particular power source and certainly have good reason to exist. Granted, these are multiclass feats, but I...
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    A little idea to fix Kobold Shifty

    Monster Kobolds have Darkvision, yes, but the NPC stats at the back of the book for them don't. Again, Shifty's a powerful ability, yes... but that's pretty much ALL the Kobold (as currently written) has going for it.
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    Genasi: Versatile Resistance

    No, it doesn't stack.
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    A little idea to fix Kobold Shifty

    Eh, I dunno... I think the Kobold as printed in the MM makes for a fine PC race. It has a nice, powerful racial ability (shifty) and relatively little else going for it. +2 to defenses vs. Traps is nice, but it's not really any better than the Dwarf's +5 vs Poision saves. +2 Con/Dex doesn't...
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    D&D Insider: Losing your toys

    I don't see how the Character Builder can stop working after you stop subscribing, not like it doesn't require an active internet connection to use, nor a log-in. That's just for getting updates. This could change later... but, eh, I kinda doubt it. As for the compendium... you can always just...
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    DDI Subscribers: Are you satisfied with your subscription?

    This was my primary reason for subscribing. I don't have the money to keep buying all those books, so for the price of about two rulebooks, I get all rulebooks released in an entire year. If that's not a bargain, I don't know what is. Dragon/Dungeon, Character Creator and the other...
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    Scimitar Dance, not just for scimitars?

    I let Scimitar Dance benefit Falchions too, although I reworked Falchions to being pretty much your Talentan Tangat there. And, yeah, the Double Scimitar should have the Defensive property, all other Double weapons have it (and the one feat that lets you use a Quarterstaff as a double weapon...
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    Oppertunistic Support

    Seems like an interesting feat to me, though it may be a better fit for a power than a feat. Still, Paragon Tier, requiring Combat Reflexes and 15+ Dex should be fine. Maybe only 13+ Dex, if you want it to be an option for Warlocks and other non-Dex classes that have ranged basic attacks.
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Wizard Schools (3.5 conversion to 4th ed?)

    If you have a DDI subscription, this month's Ampersand has a few Summoning powers. For a 3rd party solution, you might want to check out the Nature Priest in the Advanced Player's Guide. It has a lot of powers similar to Summoning. Otherwise, re-fluffing various powers to be summoning is...
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    Warlord; Quick Distraction (at-will)

    Personally, I let Commander's Strike just let an ally with 5 squares make a basic attack against the target, rather than just a melee attack. So, your at-will is probably fine as is, if you don't want Commander's Strike to do both. It won't step outside the Warlord's melee shtick either, since...
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    Turning Masterwork Armor into Double Enhancement Bonus?

    I too would like to eliminate the "Masterwork" armors from the game too, maybe later repurpose the current ones for unique magic items. This is what I came up with: All characters gain a +1 bonus to AC and the other Defenses, The AC bonus is tripled when the character is wearing Heavy Armor...