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  1. Henrix

    D&D 5E DMG excerpt: Carousing!

    A new excerpt from the DMG - Downtime activities - is up. It has rules, and a table, for carousing! :)
  2. Henrix

    D&D 5E Where have all the fan made backgrounds gone?

    I predicted that there'd be a lot of threads about fan made backgrounds by now, but I seem to fail at Divination. So, where are they? I can only find the ones on the Hack & Slash blog. Surely there are many more?
  3. Henrix

    The Foundling (and working link)

    Dragon presents a new fiction piece, by Mike Resnick*, and there's githzerai - and clearly aimed towards me! (Though I haven't had time to read it yet.) Sadly, the link is broken. (Wizards, come on! Links aren't that hard!) This time there's a 'The_' that shouldn't be in there. Here's the...
  4. Henrix

    Clash of Steel up, normal link broken

    The latest Dungeon adventure is up, Clash of Steel. As usual the link given on WotC's page is broken (though the above works), and will probably not be fixed for quite a few hours. This seems to happen every day now. This time they wrote that it should be in the #171 folder, and not as it...
  5. Henrix

    OotS #673: Too Slow

    Here's the new OotS after Rich's vacation! Yes, finally, after having languished in the desert!
  6. Henrix

    Ampersand; Monster Builder!

    I want this now! Making monsters in 4e is so fun, and a good tool for converting and making monsters would make it even more so! I make or convert monsters for virtually every game session* - I can't wait for this tool! (Sorry, for the fanboy rant! :o) From the latest Ampersand: * Well...
  7. Henrix

    PHB3 cover!

    The cover of PHB3 has been revealed (and it looks good!). It seems that Gith's are in the book (yay! I'm an old gith'lover!), and minotaurs. 'Psionic, Divine and Primal Heroes' (From the news about the DDI changes discussed elsewhere.) Looks like a githyanki monk (and a great looking...
  8. Henrix

    Captured by ghosts (My players keep out, please!)

    I need your help, fellow DMs, EN worlders, all! Last session my players (well, their characters, really) went off in a totally different direction than I had intended. They decided to go explore some old ruins, the Gardmore Abbey. The abbey has a short description on p.206 in the 4e DMG...
  9. Henrix

    Nice article about Gygax on Wired

    Like the title says, a nice article on Wired, entitled Dungeon Master: The Life and Legacy of Gary Gygax.
  10. Henrix

    New Sage Advice video - wha?

    New Sage Advice video up (01/28), but with no content whatsoever! And the answer is, well, what goes for an answer is that they don't want to say, but there's something about it in Worlds & Monsters and you ought to buy it. What a total waste of time and bandwidth! :\
  11. Henrix

    Thomasson on character creation

    Chris Thomasson has posted a bit about character creation in 4E on his blog . I'll repost it here as, still, not everyone manages to access Gleemax. Not that much crunch, but still nice.
  12. Henrix

    Dark Sun?

    I'm thinking of buying some old Dark Sun stuff, but I don't know where to start! Which supplements are good? Which are so good that I must have them? Are there any that are better avoided? What are the differences between the campaign setting editions? Which is best to start with?
  13. Henrix

    Age of W... (Spoilers galore! Players beware!)

    Here be spoilers! Don't scroll past the spoiler space unless you're certain you are allowed to read DM info about Age of Worms! My players have gone and done it. Despite all my efforts to get them to do things during the Champions Belt they stayed put, being afraid of...
  14. Henrix

    Alternatives to level adjustment?

    I've started planning a Planescape campaign, and while I'm at it I'm looking over a lot of rules and stuff. (I expect I'll be posting more about this later.... :heh: ) And one thing that bothers me, in particular in a Planescape campaign, are the rules for handling powerful races, i.e. the...
  15. Henrix

    New print run of Corsair?

    The print edition of Corsair seems to be unavailable. Are there plans for a new print run? I tried getting my FLGS to get it, as I much prefer printed books to PDFs, but it does not seem to be available, and the same is true in other places.
  16. Henrix

    Pope to change D&D cosmology

    Quoted from here.
  17. Henrix

    Colossal Red Dragon Mini

    From GamingReport:
  18. Henrix

    TPKs I've known and loved

    There is an interesting article about TPKs up on Wizards’ site. How they happen, what happens and how to avoid them, both from a players and a DM’s perspective. Now, I recently had, or perhaps I should say inflicted, a TPK (or, well, really a NTPP, read below), so I am interested in the...
  19. Henrix

    Dungeon subscriptions in Europe

    I would like to subscribe to Dungeon, but from what I've heard earlier here, and other places, I've gathered that it hasn't really worked if you're living in Europe. Has this changed? Do european subscribers recieve their magazines in time? Or is it still not worth subscribing if you live in...
  20. Henrix

    [Minis] Dwarves, monks and other exotic

    A little while ago someone asked for dwarven monk minis, and well, here's half a dozen. (Sadly they're more japanese style warrior monks than chinese unarmed monks, but still...) They are from Ghost miniatures line of Samurai Dwarves! And if you're looking for other exotic dwarves, take a...