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    D&D 5E A Monk Based on Kvothe, from "The Name of the Wind": How Do?

    Gotcha. Apologies for misunderstanding. There’s an order of monks (people who live in monasteries, pray to a god, take vows, make gnarly beer), that take orphans (possible connection to Kvothe’s backstory), and raise them to be bounty hunters and lawmen. They are trained to be exceptional...
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    D&D 5E A Monk Based on Kvothe, from "The Name of the Wind": How Do?

    I’m confused as to why you are building this character. Let the player figure it out. Have them come up with a reason there’d be a monk in the setting and how the character is like Kvothe. Collaborate with them if/when needed.
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    D&D General Ever overhear someone talking about D&D outside of a gameshop/con/etc?

    At work, those of us who play only talk about it in hushed tones in dark corners of our office. From these shadows I’ve pulled in more and more unsuspecting victims to the game.
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    D&D General What Do You Hope to See with 7e?

    Where do I sign up for this?
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    D&D 5E Heteroglossia and D&D: Why D&D Speaks in a Multiplicity of Playing Styles

    @Snarf Zagyg you’ve put into words what has been bouncing around my head the last few weeks. So I thank you and wish to add my two cents (Canadian cents so it’s cheap). 5E, in spite of all its subclasses, feats, and options, is at its heart a toolkit for playing a fantasy TTRPG. Use as much or...
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    D&D General Probability, Critical Hits, and the Illusion of Importance

    Critical hits are fun. Probability be damned.
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    D&D 5E With Fizban's and now Bigby's, what other groups do you think we'll see with their own books?

    Lo-Kag Smash: A barbarians guide to crushing your enemies A monster lore book with martial options.
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    D&D General "I have had a 'D&D Hangover'" (a poll)

    Yes physically, because of the amount of Fireball shots I took, but never mentally/emotionally.
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    D&D 5E "Once an encounter begins, I will make changes to it for balance, fun, or rules reasons." (a poll)

    Gotta play it fast and loose. I generally only have 2.5 hours to play, so if I need to change something to speed things along I will. The other night was combat heavy and I felt we didn’t need to play out the party beating the crap out of the last skeleton. So I said everyone roll to attack and...
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    The Focus Fire Problem

    Mobs of Minions Each mob starts with a +5 to hit and +5 to damage. The amount of minions in the mob is abstract, but each time the mob takes any damage, it’s bonuses to hit and damage are reduced by 1. The mob dies when reduced to +0. Couple this with a big bad and the PC’s will find out very...
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    D&D General Player Responsibilities

    There’s only two things I really care about as a GM when it comes to player responsibilities, 1. Know what to roll and what to add to the rolls 2. Put in effort to participate in the game instead of passively waiting for me to ask you if you do something. I play with friends, so the respect...
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    D&D 5E Your PCs have Character Classes/Levels, and no one else does!

    I’ve been using sidekicks as henchmen. I also use the NPC’s from Volo’s sometimes, especially at higher levels.
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    D&D General DMs - What makes You...

    I’ve implemented rules for my most recent campaign that are a mix of official alternate rules, rules from 5E Hardcore Mode, and my own mad creations. I wanted to run a classic dungeon crawl but felt the rules as written wouldn’t help capture that feeling of dread associates to plundering...
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    D&D General "I Like to Play D&D on My Birthday" (a poll)

    For a few years I held the tradition of playing this game: Dungeon Fighter It’s really silly, especially when everyone has had a few drinks in em.
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    Should the game be "balanced" and what does that mean?

    I think, broadly speaking, that balance means the game is fun to play. Is D&D 5E fun to play? The game as written in the PHB? I believe so. Maybe not as fun as I think it could be (hence the homebrew rules I’ve made), but fun enough that if a friend were to invite me to a basic game I’d jump at...
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    D&D General I Prefer Playing in Person, but Love Having Remote Play as an Option

    Before the pandemic, it was in-person for every session. I run a table for my friends at work, and at the time we all lived in the same city. With the pandemic we started with Google hangouts but eventually ended up using Zoom. I tried Roll20, but found it too finicky and not worth the hassle...
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    D&D 5E Backup Healz

    As an action spend a hit die and regain temp HP equal to the roll until the end of the encounter. Outside of combat, use a healers kit, roll a hit die. Instead of burning the use of a hit die, the healers kit is used up (I house rule healers kits only have one use).
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    D&D 5E Hit Point Maximum Damage House-Rules

    I really like the idea of screwing with HP max if the damage dealt is poison or necrotic. I’ve just had the idea of using the loss of HP max to reflect being wounded from taking 10+ points of any type of damage or dropping to zero HP.
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    D&D 5E Sidekick'n

    I’ve made sidekicks hired help. They are one step above a mercenary mook and therefore take a share of the treasure and xp. That being said I’ve only used one and it ended with them falling into a bottomless pit the same session they joined the group. So not a lot of experience running them.