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  1. Keefe the Thief

    D&D 5E Spelljammer 5E Poll

    Bought it, loved it. Doesn't overstay its welcome and has al l I need.
  2. Keefe the Thief

    Steamforged Games Apologizes & Reprints Dark Souls Books

    After how they handled the Dark Souls Boardgame kickstarter, I am not surprised at all.
  3. Keefe the Thief

    Spelljammer Spelljammer Confirmed (MAYBE, April Fools?)

    Ah, some levity in these trying times. We really need some humour right now, I really hope people can appreciate it.
  4. Keefe the Thief

    D&D 5E Ajit George Talks About Radiant Citadel's Creators

    Wow, it took until page 2 for the "both sides" argument to pop up. People are getting lazy. It´s naughty word awesome that a book like this could be made. Even if it´s the worst-written dribble on the planed, it is exceptional that people were allowed to make it.
  5. Keefe the Thief

    The Proper Use of Nudity in FRPG Art

    Wow, 18 pages of thread, and here I am replying to the first one. Whew. Should I? Well, where are the centaur schlongs? Ogre balls? Ettin junk? Oh, sorry, girl monsters are supposed to show tits to increase our sense of verisimilitude, but lets not get further. Yeah, the adventurers in many...
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  10. Keefe the Thief

    D&D 5E Latest D&D Errata: Drow, Alignment, & More

    If the Menzoberranzanification of the drow is purged from D&D forever, I'll accept any amount of collateral damage for it.
  11. Keefe the Thief

    D&D 5E Strixhaven: Orientation

    What if the real threat is a secret society of overly-long-term students who want to destroy the world so that their tuition fees are erased? There is a secret war to destroy the arcane brain that holds all student debt information, and it's gloves off for those who got a PhD in theoretical...
  12. Keefe the Thief

    D&D 5E Strixhaven Release Date Updates

    Most important book for D&D since Chronomancer.
  13. Keefe the Thief

    D&D 5E Strixhaven: Orientation

    Well well well, if it isn't the book that makes knuckles go white because wizards in D&D have to be homeschooled, otherwise Harry Potter or something. I am thinking about using the book to do a campaign like this: Ikenfell is a great RPG about some happenings at a magic school. Interesting...
  14. Keefe the Thief

    D&D 5E Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos - I have no clue what this is about

    It's a brilliant idea to have an unusual setting and pc setup for a campaign. Next could be a city watch campaign, magical firewatch campaign, or all the players are members of the same thieves guild. Think about it - a Shadow Thieves campaign in Amn! Of course, there would be at least one...
  15. Keefe the Thief

    D&D General Did D&D Die with TSR?

    As long as people are attacking other roleplaying games as inferior and copy-cat, especially if they are similar to older editions of D&D, TSR and D&D will still be alive. TSR did that alot.
  16. Keefe the Thief

    D&D General Thaco the angry clown... really?

    Oh, we are on page 24 already. So, what did we find out? Do D&D players have a sense of humour? Can we revise history and say that Thac0 was actually a good idea? Should we rename the NPC to "BAB the better rules solution"? Are white supremacists actually assholes? (the answer to this one is...
  17. Keefe the Thief

    D&D 5E Grumbling about New (and Announced) Releases

    I'm the other way around. I never really cared about the too traditional books. Reprinting old adventures etc. But now there are some really interesting campaign options coming. A true feywild campaign. Playing in a magical school. These are core tropes of fantasy, yet D&D has apparently...
  18. Keefe the Thief

    Impromptu Stream with Ed Greenwood, Tim Kask, & TSR CCO

    There are people out there who are eating this up, I'm pretty sure. Gamergaters, comicsgaters, you name it - there is an internet of self-described victims who lash out at all those who disagree with them. It is easy to find them - they have YouTube channels, Facebook-pages and blogs. And when...
  19. Keefe the Thief

    D&D 5E Roundup: Check Out These Previews from D&D Celebration

    I should let this thread inspire me, really. Time to go into a grocery store, stand before the fruit rack and loudly proclaim "Now THATS an apple I won`t buy". Because anime or smth.
  20. Keefe the Thief

    TSR TSR5! A modest proposal. Paizo (or Modiphius or Free League) buys TSR, for a true rebirth

    Most TSR games were good because they were connected with the pop culture of the time. Boot Hill. Star Frontiers. Top Secret. These ooze a certain style, inspired by movies, novels and other stories. That pop culture is gone. Why should we reenact the games that were inspired by it? How about...