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    questions about the Schema rpg. Anyone played it?

    Hey guys, I picked up this little rpg (really an engine, by its own admission) called Schema: the Second Iteration. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had experience with it, because I'm a little unclear as to how team actions (like a D&D skirmish/combat) work with the rules. For the curious...
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    Thinking of Getting rid of monetary treasure

    I'm running a 5e game. The players are all soldiers in a quasi-religious army, and really don't have any way or reason to spend it. (No real magic shops and they aren't castle-building, at least until I get the Strongholds book.) so I'm just thinking about dropping most of the monetary treasure...
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    Single mechanics that hurt an otherwise good game

    So, inspired by the Single mechanics from an RPG you love thread. Is there a game you've played or run that was really good...except for that one mechanic (or perhaps a design decision) that grated on you? Single mechanics from an RPG you love
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    D&D 5E Encounters > Monsters?

    So, maybe I'm crazy here... Having read the article about Legendary Creatures and its attached PDF, and now reading about Monster Mashups... Are we witnessing a shift away from designing (or at least articulating) monsters as individual units and towards viewing monsters as components of...
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    A call for rampant speculation and suggestions on classes.

    Because we needed one....:D Each class is supposed to have its "thing" that its best at, and has some unique or special mechanic to deal with it. However, we've only heard so far about 6 classes, and we were promised that you'd be able to do any class that was in a PHB1. Assume they all get to...
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    Playtest Report

    Okay, I finally got to run it last night. Three players, two mostly-grognards, and a relative latecomer. We've been playing a sort of C&C BECMI mashup lately. We spent a good deal of time reviewing the rules "changes" and features before digging into it. Characters were the two dwarves, and...
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    Clerical spheres of influence

    My apologies if this is buried in another thread somewhere, and I failed to notice it. I was looking over the playtest seems to me that the Clerics may have restricted spell lists depending on their deity. Perhaps a more tightly-controlled version of 2e's "spheres" or perhaps a...
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    Heroes, Zeroes, and Kings

    I agree with the design team. Its easier to start with a simple base and add complexity. Especially given the history of the game and the groups that they intend to corral with it, 5e seems to be heading that way. There is something else that comes up occasionally, especially in the context of...
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    A weighty issue

    I wanted to toss this out there. For myself and a lot of the players I've seen, the number one thing that slows down character generation, and occasionally adventuring as well is encumbrance and equipment purchasing.(no pun intended) Equipment purchasing, is mostly done with equipment packages...
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    Crazy thought 'bout Fighters, Wizards, and progressions

    Having just occurred to me, this thought is not near and dear to my heart or anything. It is kinda interesting so I thought I'd share. We've all seen the arguments on Wizard-Fighter balance (or lack thereof) as the game progresses. We've also heard that they are planning to tone down level...