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  1. Garthanos

    D&D 4E World of Warcraft Warrior

    I have 2 favorite Characters In World of Warcraft but this one I find the most playable. One is a Warrior the following are from the defender/tank build, I wonder how one might build this in 4e LOL. I love that D&D inspires video games and is in turn inspired by them. A bodyguard stance which...
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    D&D General Heroes of Myth and Legend

  3. Garthanos

    D&D 4E Ron Edwards and his Barbaric Psychodelia.

    Ron Edwards takes later 4e and Extracts a blend of Elements especially using Hybrid rules.
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    D&D 4E Epic Destiny: Akashic Blade (Carver of History)

    Akashic Blade (Carver of History) This is the root of an idea still in progress, Inspired by Thief of Legend. You are one of the lords of Justice and the memory keeper of times lore. You are a master of history and can sometimes change events in the past carving them to match your desires and...
  5. Garthanos

    Level Up (A5E) Advanced Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters

    I just noticed this and I must say hurray. I am assuming the book with Level Up Logo would a version adjusted to use well the Level Up classes and similar.
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    D&D 4E Skill Challenge Time

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    D&D General Weekly Wrecana - Organized / Revisited

    General - Weekly Wrecana : A New Division of Martial aka Martial Power through the editions
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    D&D 4E Nerfing Essentials++ Wizards.

    The introduction of certain cantrips (essentials and post essentials) in effect allowed a Wizard to Dramatically toe step... trading out a resource that was previously a flavor element which could be leveraged with cleverness and DM buy in to accomplish interesting but not particularly potent...
  9. Garthanos

    D&D 5E Brain Storm Lunging Attack Maneuver

    This seems the least of BM maneuvers but I could be missing something honestly trying to understand its value. Run around your enemies while remaining 5 feet further away and make a series of attacks without triggering an opportunity attack for fun. (instead of focus firing like a sane person...
  10. Garthanos

    D&D 5E Demigod Bloodline/Divine Heritage a mashup of Paladin 1e limits/Inherent Bonuses rule

    This is a bit like mixing the Paladins 1e concept of being magic item limited in return for blessings and the 4e Inherent bonuses rules. 4e had an assumption of progression that was like a hero discovering their Demigod-hood near end game 26 to 30 on your most significant attributes were pretty...
  11. Garthanos

    D&D 5E Martial Levels (control extra attack gain for better MCing)

    I had considered allowing something like this which conceives martial levels to allow unifying maneuvers. But instead of for merging access to maneuvers rather to make multi-classing better for Extra Attack acquisition. For instance something...
  12. Garthanos

    OD&D The one man army is awesome.

    I was reading today because I have been finding Chainmail inspiring for D&D actually - I haven't played Chainmail so bear with my ignorance. The Superhero piece in Chainmail who got identified as a One Man Army his piece on the battlefield represented one character and is valued as 8 figures...
  13. Garthanos

    D&D 4E A different leader type. The seer (new class) and balancing a proactive heal.

    While thinking about the Bene Gesserit. And I came to the conclusion that one cool way to build them was as a race derived from the Deva and adding a feat Predictive Intelligence, to allow them to use Intelligence as the foundation for Monk powers. While doing this it occured to me that the...
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    D&D 4E Martial Flight - Making the Melee Warrior Fly - sort of.

    This was written a while ago (with some adjustments added recently) and I think originally posted on the WOTC community site before they destroyed it and a lot of 4e resources in the process I managed to rescue it. I thought of it partially because of the pixie was coming out and later...
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    D&D 4E Hybrid Enabler Feats.

    One of the elements I liked which came from Dragon Mag was what I call Hybrid Enabler Feats. Hybrid characters have potential problems one is attributes which do not match up well (theoretically avoidable but its nice to not always have to see other post on Martial Controll Monk using Predictive...
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    D&D 4E Why do we have this class? Answer Flavor(source) , Role (and Role Flex), Range and Approach.

    In 4e the reasons for a particular class often seems well somewhat obvious this perhaps due to explicit Power Sources, Explicit Roles. Range focus and well something I am thinking of as approach. Approach is the frosting it's the little details like the Fighters damned if you do damned if you...
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    D&D 4E DM tool kit

    This is a copy of a a thread from another forum that locks their threads after way too short of a time but since 4e is a slow burner it seems very inconvenient (one cannot update or mark things out of date or add other things) DM toolkit for 4e Hello! I've been looking at this DM's toolkit for...
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    D&D 4E Skill Challenge Examples.

    This is cool In particular this tips my funny bone
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    D&D 4E The better part of valor... and opportunity attacks

    I realized recently perhaps I am slow but the use of area effect wizard, druid etc abilities that allow someone to run past enemies with impunity is a good contribution to the monty python "run away" tactic. D&D having some good run away fun always seemed important in a way. Hard to have...
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    D&D 4E Not always about Martial - The Heat Metal Spell (sort of)

    A lot of my posts probably make it seem I am only interested in the martial non-magical element of D&D. This fits with the Primal is about Spirits storyline very well. And a mass disarm with fun flavor rocks.