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  1. Scottius

    FATE - PCs with more than one form

    So one of my gaming groups has decided to try out the FATE system. We've settled on doing a modern day Urban Fantasy/Supernatural setting and one of the players is considering playing a Were creature of some variety, probably a cat. I've been looking through the books and don't see anything...
  2. Scottius

    Question Regarding Call of Cthulhu Editions

    On a recent shopping excursion I was fortunate enough to find a used copy of the Call of Cthulhu corebook in good condition. I've played in several campaigns previously but had never actually bought the book as I'd not been the one running it. I picked it up with an eye towards using it to run...
  3. Scottius

    What System/Setting/Campaign do you want to play but haven't yet?

    So I'm new here and thought I'd ask what systems, settings, & campaigns people want to play but for whatever reason they haven't gotten around to doing so yet? If you're anything like me you probably have at least one book that you've picked up and enjoyed reading but haven't actually put to...