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  1. keterys

    [UPDATED]What Is Project Riboflavin?

    But gaming is awesome. We should all be involved in gaming :) -KeithR
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    The 10 Most Anticipated Tabletop RPGs Of 2016 Are....

    It also says something about how people are primarily interested in recycling, too. After all, it's not surprising for each company to keep on remaking things over and over, but it is more surprising that people overwhelmingly desire that over other options. Not that I'm not eagerly awaiting...
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    Unauthorized And Unlicensed But Sometimes Acceptable RPGs?

    You probably have a better opinion of humanity than I do :)
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    Unauthorized And Unlicensed But Sometimes Acceptable RPGs?

    Many years ago I read a short story by Spider Robinson about copyright, that attempted to argue the point from the artists perspective of the dangers of continually increasing copyrights. Apparently it's available on the internet, so I'd encourage a read. I think tying copyright to the life of...
  5. keterys

    Unauthorized And Unlicensed But Sometimes Acceptable RPGs?

    Katniss and Harry Potter are relatively recent, and I firmly agree that artists should get more than a few years of protection... but Darth Vader is almost 40 years old and Captain America is almost 75 years. It's _really_ okay to move on after a few decades. In fact, one could argue that the...
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    D&D Fan Rewrites the 5E Player's Handbook Index

    This was also a running joke in our group. Thanks!
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    White Wolf Bought By Paradox

    Separate from actual numbers and research, I assumed the comparison was between D&D (every edition, ever, including Pathfinder), WoD (every edition, every product line, ever), and the rest of the RPG market. So, sure, I'd believe that.
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    Take A Look At The DUERGAR From SCAG

    For the nobody wondering, the 4e duergar was based on the Durzagon, which was an already established (~1983 says the internet) mixing of dwarves (duergar) and devils, particularly barbazu (bearded devils), because yeah, apparently poisonous beard quills is a thing. So many worlds, so many silly...
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    D&D 5E Is this power gamey?

    *eyes 2nd level moon druids, raises an eyebrow* The moon druid drastically changing how they play every few levels isn't an intentional feature here, even if you can spackle over it. I'm also referring to things like the moon druid ending up 3-6 to hit worse than the rest of the party...
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    D&D 5E Is this power gamey?

    Yep, if you stop shapeshifting for several levels (since you're more likely to lose concentration if you go into melee and are less equipped for spellcasting), you stay reasonable. Of the 3 druids I've seen, none have been willing to make that step, so they'd do a spell (or not), then lose it...
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    D&D 5E Is this power gamey?

    It's even on the weak end for druids. The critical takeaway is that you don't like the 5e druid's wildshape. Which is totally fine. It has a potentially game warping effect, particularly at 2nd and 3rd level (and, like, 20th). It is also my interpretation that you're taking out that dislike of...
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    D&D 5E Is this power gamey?

    As long as you're happy with what you declare badwrongfun, and so are your players, more power to you. I'll just continue to point out that this combination is not optimal, not overpowered due to half orc, and not worth generating ill will with any player.
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    D&D 5E Is this power gamey?

    Do you also stop the halfling druid from rerolling 1s and the human druid from using their bonus feat? I'll cheerfully agree that the druid has some power gamery problems balance problems, mostly in a certain level range. That's no reason to need to deny them the benefit of half-orc when...
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    [UPDATED] WotC To Close Forums - Including D&D and M:tG (aka "Welcome New Forum Members to EN World!

    I suspect there was more staff involved in maintaining the forums than all of the staff working on producing D&D products. I'm not too surprised by this decision, after their previous decisions. They are very active on twitter, if you want information from an official source, and other sites...
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    D&D 5E XP Per Adventuring Day Per Player is Ridiculous

    Just have a 500' radius aura that deals 10 damage per round. Don't need many hp or AC then :)
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    Is the "Conpocalypse" Nigh?

    I've been going to Gen Con for, say, 25 years or so. Over time I've definitely changed what I do there, sometimes by choice / opportunity, and other times by necessity. Nowadays I actually go a few days beforehand and play games with friends in a sorta con-before-the-con that is absolutely the...
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    D&D 5E What to spend your loot on?

    Magic items are surprisingly cheap if you actually allow their purchase.
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    D&D 5E breaking the healing rules with goodberries

    1 Goodberry per rest (short or long) would probably be pretty reasonable. Getting 10 berries in a 4-6 person party would feel a bit of a taunt otherwise :)
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    D&D 5E breaking the healing rules with goodberries

    Out of combat, you've got Prayer of Healing (cleric 2), the 3rd level paladin healing aura, healing potions, the Healer feat, short rests in general with or without Songs of Rest. Again, don't have my book, but I believe Prayer of Healing is a 2nd level slot that heals, say, 2d8+4 to 6 targets...