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  1. Jan van Leyden

    No Winter Yet

    Hard to believe, but according to his blog George R.R. Martin didn't finish Winds of Winter on schedule.
  2. Jan van Leyden

    [The Strain, The 100] Worth Seeing?

    After drifting over more and more to comedy for a few years a large German network starts these two shows this summer. The trailers don't tell me whether one or both are worth my time recording and watching them. What's your assessment of these shows?
  3. Jan van Leyden

    Random Treasure Table(s)

    Are there any (official) random treasure tables for 4e? I know of two online generators, but can't find any comprehensive tables. I would suspect something like this to be part of Mordenkainens Emporium (which I don't own).
  4. Jan van Leyden

    AGE: What's the Draw?

    Morrus asks whether Green Ronin's AGE could be *the* release of 2015, a lot of people are speculating about which world might be used for it, and here I am, thumbing through my set 1 of Dragon Age and wondering. I've bought the game shortly after its release on the off chance that I might use...
  5. Jan van Leyden

    WotC Job Offers

    I noted a rather extensive listing of job offers by WotC: WotC job offers. Most of them are either M:tG sopecific or general in nature. Only one job seems to mention D&D specifically: Communications Dungeons & Dragons. Perhaps we will see some of this...
  6. Jan van Leyden

    Money - Huh! What is it good for?

    Forming an old school campaign in my head brought me to the topic of handing out XP for gold. It never really did appeal to me as I never was in a "win the adventure" mode, where it is a premium for successfull play. If I will hand out XP for gold, it should be in a way which somehow support...
  7. Jan van Leyden

    Seeking Ideas for a Skill Challenge

    So my tabletop group is in dire need of an extended rest. The problem is: they're currently in the dungeon beneath Ptolus without being able to secure a good resting place. I'm looking for a way to give them at least a chance for a successfull rest and on the other hand make it more fun than...
  8. Jan van Leyden

    Spiel '14 - Any ENWorlder going there?

    On Thrusday the biggest (board-) gaming event in the world starts: Spiel '14. I know that many European and Amercian gamers are coming to Germany for the occasion, but which ENWorlder will be in Essen?
  9. Jan van Leyden

    Boardgame Weekend - Summer Edition 2014

    I just returned from our boargaming weekend we held for the sixth time in the Sauerland. Two days of gaming with 30 grown-ups and 15 children make for lots of dice rolling, card drawing, and scheming fun! This year I came to play: La Granja, Wikinger, Splendor (many, many times), Bang, Abyss...
  10. Jan van Leyden

    Vanishing posts?

    Some curious observation here: when I left ENWorld yesterday my post count was 1509, but today in the morning it tracked only 1504. I'm pretty sure that I posted twice yesterday, so these new messages not being counted doesn't work out. Anyone made a similar observation?
  11. Jan van Leyden

    D&D 5E [Basic Rules] No Penalty for Making Ranged Attacks When Being in Melee?

    I can find no penalty for making ranged attacks when the attacker is in melee. The text on Ranged Attacks doesn't contain anything in this regard, neither does the section on Opportunity Attacks, where experience with 3e and 4e might expect it. How is the PHB's state on this? I think I might...
  12. Jan van Leyden

    D&D 5E [FR] Mount Hotenow, Thundertree, and Neverwinter

    In the current Starter Set the ruins of Thundertree mention a disaster caused by Mount Hotenow, some 30 miles top the north of the village. Can anyone enlighten me what kind of disaster this was? Is Mount Hotenow a volcano? The Neverwinter Woods between mountain and village as well as...
  13. Jan van Leyden

    D&D 5E PHB: New Subsystems?

    So I have vowed not to buy the new PHB and make do with the PDF, well knowing that I'd miss several things. Still I'd like to know what I'll be missing. :) The PHB will of course have lots of MotS (races, classes, backgrounds, spells,...), but what about variants and/or subsystems. The one I...
  14. Jan van Leyden

    D&D 5E [L&L, 06/09] Gettings Started

    In the latest Legends & Lore article Mike Mearls talks about the contents of the starter set. The included adventure Lost Mine of Phandelver is described in some detail and is intended to be in the vein of the Fabled KotB.
  15. Jan van Leyden

    D&D 5E Forgotten Realms: No Campaign Something in the Catalog?

    Now we know that the Forgotten Realms will be the central camapign setting of the upcoming version (again), and the first two adventures seem to take place there. But when will we see the *real* setting stuff? Curious that this world, known for the Realms Shaking Events and mostly not by the...
  16. Jan van Leyden

    Zombie Apocalypse - Finally Acknowledged by the US!

    A German new site has published an article desrcibing the document COMPLAN 8888. The purpose is to "...undertake military operations to preserve 'non-zombie' humans from the threat posed by a zombie hoard". I wonder whether the US army will develop their own games or use existing ones for their...
  17. Jan van Leyden

    GoT vs. SoIaF: More seasons than books?

    Now that HBO has ordered seasons 5 and 6 of Game of Thrones, I seem to be a bit behind with the mappings of the TV seasons to the books. I've only watched seasons 1 and 2 so far, which leads me to the question of how the books were splitted for TV. Or has HBO organized a good whipping for GRRM...
  18. Jan van Leyden

    O.L.D. and N.E.W?

    I'm a tad irritated that the threads for ENWorld's upcoming games appear in the forum "D&D and Pathfinder". Wouldn't the general RPG forum be more appropriate to these games?
  19. Jan van Leyden

    Roman Ship Miniature

    A History science group in Germany is working on Roman shipbuilding. They have built their own ships for their projects, but became aware that it was way too expensive. And what do you do today in this situation? You start your 3D printer. The model isn't quite to scale (1:20), though. :cool:
  20. Jan van Leyden

    Legends & Lore: Experience Points and Levels

    In the new arcticle M. Mearls discusses a topic which seems rather old for us at ENWorld.