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    The Chronicles of Essenon-Vengeance!

    This is a campaign that has gone on for awhile now. We are missing some adventures, so that is why advancement may seem fast. In the interests of full disclosure, I play Brock and Wiglaf (his cohort). The DM does not play a character. This game is what we play when not playing the game I run...
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    How to become Large (and in charge)

    One of the players in my high-level evil campaign would like for his frenzied berserker to become permanently Large size in order to become a Warhulk. I'm fine with this, but I'm not sure how to do it. The group is high level (17th) but without a mage. They are about to travel to a huge...
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    Help my adventure! In the above thread is an adventure, at the end of which my PCs are chasing a group of ogres that have a sword belonging to the paladin's church. We broke from that storyline for a bit to adventure with our other characters, but now the group wants...
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    What to make Grendel?

    The next Chronicle of Essenon will feature a fantasy-Norse setting with high powered baddies (enhanced Frost Giants) and high powered (14th level) mostly evil mercenary characters. For the first adventure I'm going to rip off the first half of Beowulf. I'm thinking of a half frost giant/half...
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    Is this readable?

    I'm attempting to write the next chapter of my Chronicles of Essenon in a faux epic style. What I would like to do (since it is a lot of work making each line 12 syllables) is to find out if it is a readable style or if I should just continue in regular prose. The Saga of Brock Magnusson...
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    Why not sudden strike?

    I'm playing a ninja/duellist and would love to apply Telling Blow to my Sudden Strike ability, but it says skirmish or sneak attack. So, why not sudden strike? Or is sudden strike included under sneak attack as implied in the sidebar in Complete Adventurer?
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    I'm thinking of naming a mysterious group of druidic warriors the Stormclad. I think it is an awesome name, but I'm not sure if it has been used before. It is cool enough to have been isn't it? Does anyone know if the name has been taken?
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    A Lecture on the Birth of Universes

    From the Collegia Corylak Great Travellers Lecture Series Presenting Versi, author of Versi's Guide to Unusual Places in the Prime Material Plane and Versi's Guide to Planar Systems, the authoritative work on the subject. All is chaos. The multiverse consists mostly of the Immaterium. A new...
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    How fast am I?

    Okay, I'm currently creating a powerful yet dumb henchman for one of my BBEGs. He's a three-headed half-dragon ogre. My question concerns the Improved Speed monstrous feat from Draconomicon. This feat gives +20 flight speed and +10 to all other speeds. My question is whether flight speed...
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    Illithid Savant

    I've been running through various ideas for my campaign's BBEG and came across the Illithid Savant from Savage Species. It seems that a high-level villain with this class could have near-infinite feats, skill points, and spell use. Has anyone experimented with this critter?
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    Epic BAB advancement

    I noticed that Monster BAB can go past +20, but never give over 4 attacks. What unforeseen consequences would there be to applying this rule to PCs and allowing continued BAB advancement by class? Seems like it would help the warrior-types with their percieved weakness at high levels.
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    Chronicles of Essenon: Blood on Snow-updated 4/12

    I posted this before the crash, but it was lost. I've done some editing so that (hopefully) it will be a bit more interesting to read. More will come as I edit it. From Versi’s Guide to Unusual Places in the Prime Material Plane The world of Essenon is to the best of my knowledge unique. The...
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    Weapons of Legacy Question

    Recently I have created background for the Swords of Life and Death. Created by the Twin Gods, they were wielded by paladins in the past. I have already created the Sword of Life, and I have thought of an option that I wanted to test out. I want to count ONLY paladin levels for the sword's...