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    What podcasts do you listen to (and why?)

    Dan Carlin’s the business. I’m also a huge LPOTL and Timesuck fan, as well as Scared to Death, Serial Killers, Casefile and Pseudopod fan.
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    Just watched Sandman

    I really liked it! There were a couple plot stumbles, but so? I still enjoyed it. It was cast very, very well, too. Death and Sandman were both played perfectly, I thought.
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    Will the end of Game of Thrones keep you away from House of Dragons?

    I’ll give it a go once there’s enough to binge on comfortably. Well, unless it’s one of those series that gets a ton of viewers at first and then they all abandoned ship because it turned out to absolutely blow chunks.
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    Moon Knight - SPOILERS

    I’m digging the series entirely. I was also pleasantly surprised to see a female lead character such a capable bad ass. There’s nothing about this show I don’t like.
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    Ukraine invasion

    I agree, this is an ongoing event that’s going to be affecting life long after the war itself ends ( hopefully with Putin being deposed ).
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    Rando Recommendations: What Pop Culture Thing Do You Recommend (Not Geek Media)

    I loved The Repair Shop, though I only got to see some of the entire series. It was serious comfort tv.
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    Green Ronin Announces 'Cthulhu Awakens' RPG

    Moore’s Providence * chefs kiss *
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    D&D 5E Epic Monsters: Wendigo

    Yeah, there’s a load of variations of the name, though I gotta say I like “ wendigo “ the best.
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    D&D 5E Epic Monsters: Wendigo

    Interestingly, I’m pretty sure the Wendigo is also called giwakwa ( spelling?) in upper New England. And is an ice demon, frozen and starved, eating its own lips, thin as a rail, ever hungry. His heart is a figure made of ice and is in the shape of a human being. His soul is dead, the spirit of...