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    Level Up (A5E) Warning Strike Question

    If you have two weapons with different reach (Short Sword and Whip, 5' and 15' respectively) could you trigger a Warning Strike as a creature leaves your 5' reach (attack with the short sword) and/or when a creature leaves your 15' reach (attack with the whip)? Would you have a double trigger...
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    Level Up (A5E) Parrying Weapons

    Is the list odd or is it just me? Weapons historically known/designed for parrying (Rapier) not given the property, but then giving it to weapons historically know for being the least capable of parrying (Great Sword). I understand at some point you need to build a feature around game mechanics...
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    Level Up (A5E) Maneuver Specialization and Stances

    Question here, the wording of Specialization is very explicit "Any attack you make as part of a mastered maneuver (including triggering attacks) deals 2 additional damage." If a stance adds capabilities to strikes such as Zealous Stance (add an expertise die to a melee attack), the language of...