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    D&D 4E [4E] DDI down?

    It seems that is down right now. I hope it is just temporary because I have an active subscription until November. :(
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    [4E] Leveling down monsters. Any issues?

    Sometimes a monster has a very cool concept but it is not the right level for your players. I'm interested in particular in leveling down monsters. I play in the heroic tier only and there are many cool higher level monsters I'd rarely have a chance to use. With the Monster Builder (or even...
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    D&D 4E [4E] Dungeon Delve: worth getting?

    I can buy the Dungeon Delve book for a reasonable price. Is it worth getting? Just to give a bit of background, I am a very late convert to 4E, which I initially despised. I came onboard with Essentials (I'm probably one of the 3 people that were convinced by the Essentials marketing...