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  1. Seule

    D&D 5E Warlock without Eldrich Blast

    Warlocks get three options for damaging cantrips: Chill Touch: 120 foot range, spell attack roll, deals necrotic damage starting at 1d8 and scaling up to 4d8. Target also can't heal for a round and undead get Disadvantage on attacks against you. Eldrich Blast: 120 foot range, spell attack roll...
  2. Seule

    Imbue Familiar and Anti-Magic Shell

    I have a friend who wants to try the combo of Imbue Familiar with Spell Ability, imbuing Anti-Magic Shell into his Earth Elemental familiar, and then having it travel through the ground to an enemy wizard, undetectably negating all their spells. Is this possible? Have others tried it? Where...
  3. Seule

    Spell Backfire rules needed

    Does anyone have rules for spell backfires, either house rules or published? I'm considering a system where magic isn't so much a science as an art and casting can fail. Anyone have anything like this? --Seule
  4. Seule

    Stabilization 'end of round'

    In 3.5, when do you roll for stabilization? On your initiative, or at the top of the initiative order? I can't find anything concrete in the SRD and my books are unavailable, I'm wondering if any 3.5 source specifies this concretely. Page references requested, I've already got a lot of...
  5. Seule

    Spoilers tag and subscriptions

    I just noted that the text of a spoiler came up in a subscription notification email. If it's possible, they should probably be left out, like quoted text is, so that people don't accidentally read spoilers that they don't mean to. Thanks. --Seule
  6. Seule

    D&D 3E/3.5 [3.5] Warhorses and Barding

    Greetings all you rules-knowing people. I'm wondering if warhorses in 3.5 are trained in wearing armor. I vaguely recall that they were in 3.0 although I'm not sure where it might have stated it, but I can't find it for 3.5. This applies both to standard warhorses and Paladin's mounts. Can...
  7. Seule

    Epic War Hulk Badness

    WotC has just released a couple of previews including most of the War Hulk PrC, here: The problem I see with it is that instead of having a BAB (+0 all the way) it gets +2 Strength every level. This may work fine, until you get into Epic...
  8. Seule

    [3.5] High level damage spells

    I've gotten hold of the new PH, and I noted one change that I haven't seen discussion of on these boards: high level damaging spells have been toned down a little. Specifically, Horrid Wilting is now 1d6/level, max 20d6 (a big downgrade, much needed), and Delayed Blast Fireball is also down to...
  9. Seule

    Prestige Domain Access

    I've looked through the DoF, and the only way I can find to get access to the Prestige Domains that your God gives, as opposed to some fixed by the PrC itself, is the Contemplative. I'm interested in having a Cleric with the Madness domain, for example, and this means I have to wait until 11th...
  10. Seule

    Companion Animal Charsheet

    I bought the WotC character sheets when they came out, and the only part I liked much was the Companion Animal sheet. I've since long lost the original, and the only copy I have left is much used and written on, as well as a bad copy. I don't want to buy a new entire set of sheets, and I don't...
  11. Seule

    Elemental Savant (Earth)

    My memory (don't have my books at work) says that the Elemental Savant PrC requires 5 spells to be known with the element's descriptor, among other requirements. I did a search for officially approved spells with the Acid descriptor, and these are the ones I found: Level 1 Lesser Acid Orb -...
  12. Seule

    Quicken Spell slows down game

    I play a high level Arcane spell user. I have and use Time Stop, and could take Quicken Spell and soon its Epic improvements. I find that anything that gives more actions in a round just slows down the game and makes it less fun for anyone. I'm contemplating removing anything from my game...
  13. Seule

    Web material in PCGen

    I can live without splatbook material in PCGen. However, is there any possibility that the free material released by WotC on their website could be included? Of particular interest to me would be the wealth of psionic material released, as I both play in and run campaigns using this material...
  14. Seule

    Trying to find Electrical Mage PC

    Someone, either here or on a website somewhere, posted a prestige class that was all about channelling electrical energy. I believe it didn't advance magic every level, and it ended with the ability to 'lightning rod' all electrical attacks in the area into themselves. I can't find it now, as...
  15. Seule

    Good and Bad in the same round

    I'm wondering what stories there are out there of people having bad and good things happen to their characters at the same time. This thread is, of course, just a front for my mad scheme to post my particular story, but I invite other people to add their own. My Evoker 9/Air Elemental Savant...
  16. Seule

    Seule's IC Freeport Storyhour (01/26/03)

    Alright. I'll be posting mostly submissions from the players in this game, which I run. The game was inspired in large part by both DrNuncheon's Freeport Storyhour, and by Kyri Chronicles. In what way, I'll leave as an exercise for the reader. The cast of characters, in no particular order...
  17. Seule

    New Psionic PrC: Chain Dancer

    Chain Dancer The Chain Dancer is loosely based on the Blade Dancer from Oriental Adventures. I’ve modified it to use a Spiked Chain and psionics for a Psychic Warrior in my game, but I’ve tried to keep the basic flavour of the PrC: a maneuverable warrior who can enhance his weapon in combat...
  18. Seule

    Holy Sword/Sunblade

    I have a Halfling Paladin who is just getting up to the level where he will be able to cast Holy Sword. Unfortunately, he wields a Sunblade which is the size of a Bastard Sword but 'its enchantment enables the sun blade to be wielded as if it were a short sword'. This means that when I cast...
  19. Seule

    Frenzied Berserker prereqs

    The Frenzied Berserker (MotW) is the ultimate berserker. Massive bonuses while frenzying, and loss of self control. Conceptually, the half-orc barbarian should be the obvious choice for class and race to lead into this PrC. Obvious, but according to it's prerequisites, not a good one. Y'see...
  20. Seule

    [OT] Dreams of Gygax

    Gary Gygax hits the news! Well maybe not exactly, but it is funny. --Seule