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    D&D 5E Too many knowledge skills.

    In 3e, that is actually not that difficult to explain. 1) the knowledge is so specific and unusual, that it requires its own set (i.e. you have to have invested skillpoints in Knowledge (Far Realms). 2) alternatively, you have to have such a high skill level in a generic Knowledge (such as...
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    D&D 5E Poll: What is a Level 1 PC?

    Well, obviously those long hours of potatoe hoeing means he has the special hoe whirlwind attack, and furthermore can cleave. While wielding a hoe, he has reach, of course. Obviously, while plunging through the thick potatoe jungle-vines, he has had to do a spot of climbing, to escape the...
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    Keeping the Party Awake

    I think its a great idea to challenge players with relatively "mundane" problems, such as sleep deprivation, weather, cold / hot environments, high altitude, other . Obviously, though, your goblins will not be able to harrow the players as they move through, without incurring the fatigue...
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    Sorcerer/Bard bonus spells for buffs?

    It really, really, really bugs me when players don't bother to read the full spell or ability description. As in almost to the point of having their characters pulverised by falling space debri. I can understand if the text is misleading, incomplete, or somesuch, but crap like this.... just gets...
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    Improving a Dragon's DR

    I kept that, and kept arrow enchantment and bow enchantments stacking.
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    Improving a Dragon's DR

    I do dislike the granularity of 3.5's DR. But you could alter / improve through various means. IIRC, Draconomicon and Dragon Magic could have spells that altered or improved the DR of the dragon, and possibly even feats (although I'm a bit foggy on that one). You could just use DM-fiat to...
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    Help me list spells that make skills irrelevant.

    No, I think the correct phrase is "A carefully worded wish may replace the need for a certain skills, on occasion."
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    Seeking Geograpy help

    I agree that all too often in such situations, many players tend to think they can tough it out, and waste days, if not weeks on relatively unimportant, non-urgent tasks. 6 weeks to prepare; just wow! Re:countersinging, you are probably right as per the actual "countersong" ability, but part...
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    Seeking Geograpy help

    You also ignore some suggestions that affect your calculations: 1) It is a given that the players cannot do battle as they typically do. In the situation at hand, in a battle of Themopylae type scenario: They will have to rely on more non-magical, or longer lasting effects, will need to...
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    Two magic items needed

    I would have thought a carpet of flying was just the thing for an E6 campaign, the built in limitations mean it is harder to abuse, travellers will want to land every evening, you still have to worry about certain weather effects, although you can try to fly around or over them. Not sure it has...
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    Help me list spells that make skills irrelevant.

    Really? If "he" is otherwise naked? If the gravel on the dungeon floor was what necessitated the roll for Moving Silently? Or do you need Move Silently to avoid sneezing at inopportune moments? I would have thought some form of adjudication was what the DM was for: when the circumstances require...
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    Help me list spells that make skills irrelevant.

    Polymorph other, polymorph self, shape change, can replace yet more skills.
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    Help me list spells that make skills irrelevant.

    Wow. Way to contribute. Thanks for your insightful quip. Next time, don't bother.
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    D&D 3E/3.5 (3.5) Spell Failure Conundrum

    So now sorcerers and wizards get unrestricted spellcasting in heavy armour as well?! Sure sucks to be a normal melee character.
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    AD&D 1st edition and 2nd edition differences?

    Single classed Mages were not popular at my area either: just to damn difficult to keep alive with 1d4 hp (and back then, you died at negative), and not enough to do at 1st level (1 spell per day?!?).
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    Do you roll NPC/Monster stats?

    As DM whatever the story needs. I don't point buy, nor do I bother with rolls. Not too often there is a call for a high level Wizard with 12 Intelligence.
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    D&D 3E/3.5 [3.5] draw a weapon

    What? I didn't see FranktheDM talking down to you? Your reaction seems a little thin-skinned, to be honest. But hey, your loss!
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    Seeking Geograpy help

    Some of that is already covered by the rules: Higher ground / mounted vs unmounted: +1 to hit Behind Cover (includes low walls): +4 to AC, don't give away AoO, +2 Reflex saves. The book, Heroes of Battle, has a Morale Check, and feats allowing you to improve Morale with a Rally Check bonus...
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    Seeking Geograpy help

    Agreed, IF the party resort to short duration buffs. Don't know the level of your PCs, but there are a lot of buffs that actually last 10 mins / level (Air Walk, Barkskin, Fireseeds, Flame Arrow, Freedom of Movement, Hide from Animals/Undead, Keen Edge, Protection from Energy, Resist Energy...