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  1. dm4hire

    Roll for Combat Acquires RPG Superstar Contest

    It was announced in this weeks posts on the Roll for Combat YouTube channel that they have acquired the RPG Superstar contest. The website is in development with a place holder of Coming Soon: RPG Superstar 2020! and full reveal next week. Paizo will be giving assistance the first year at...
  2. dm4hire

    Legend of the Five Rings RPG Beta Announced

    Fantasy Flight has announced they are going to do an open beta for L5R, starting next week. You can read the rest on their page: Update: Beta is available. You can find the 233 page rulebook at...
  3. dm4hire

    Gamemaster for Hire on Facebook

    I've created a new group on Facebook designed to help players connect on a larger level. Please feel free to join or help spread the word.
  4. dm4hire

    D&D 5E Humans, am I missing something? And what's up with half-elf skill bonus?

    I've looked over the races section and even with the optional rules for humans they don't seem to line up with the other races. What is the benefit to playing human? Also where is the half-elf getting their second bonus skill? So where are they getting those skills? It almost seems like the...
  5. dm4hire

    Where's the News from Gencon?

    I'm surprised by the lack of news from Gencon. Usually there are some game announcements and such that seep out during the week and then everyone compiles them the week after. I've seen no real signs of anyone talking about new product announcements. Were there no major announcements this...
  6. dm4hire

    D&D 5E Basic PDF is up!

    Just popped up and I have it!
  7. dm4hire

    Reign of the Accursed - New Horror Game

    Discovered this in my news feed today. I haven't heard anything about this company nor their pending Kickstarter game: Reign of the Accursed. Somewhere I saw a comment about it as "what vampires would be like if written by H.P. Lovecraft." Overall the game...
  8. dm4hire

    Pathfinder 1E Aeternum - New Sci-Fantasy Setting for Pathfinder

    Just had this link pop up in my news feed on Facebook:
  9. dm4hire

    Dresden Lives

    Okay, this kicks ass and I want to play it now! Dresden Lives
  10. dm4hire

    Numenera Bestiary - A Quick Review

    Monte Cook Games released the Numenera Bestiary today to the general public; Kickstart supporters have had it for a couple of weeks. Here is my initial review of the book just from glancing through it real fast and by that I mean five minutes after downloading and before heading to class. The...
  11. dm4hire

    Numenera is Getting Sexy and More

    Don't know if anyone else on here has seen the recent post on Facebook from Monte's camp. I'm not surprised by this release though I wonder if it is a little to early in the game's development to release.
  12. dm4hire

    Please Help Identify a Book

    I was reading the comment thread for the Metamorphosis Alpha Kickstarter when I followed a link to a Twitter post by Jamie Chambers mentioning he had a rough copy of the game on display at his booth at a con. I'll stay out of the whole debacle related to the MA as I don't feel like discussing...
  13. dm4hire

    Ring Side Report- Review of the Numenera RPG

    Pretty good review overall. It should be clarified that the XP cards are optional and anything may be used to represent XP in the game, i.e. poker chips, M&Ms, coins, whatever. Another point about XP and GM Intrusion is that if the players refuse to allow the intrusion they have to spend XP to...
  14. dm4hire

    Numenera Conversions and Game Hacks

    I was over on Ninth World Hub the other day and joined in a conversation about converting D&D to Numenera when one of the members commented about a group on that site who are working to complete conversions and hacks for a few things. You can find out more about the system adaptions here. The...
  15. dm4hire

    The Quest for the "One True System" Is It a Myth or Something More?

    I was reading the latest thread about Savage Worlds when I saw reference to the “One True System” by the original poster. This got me thinking about my own quest for said mythic legend. I find it interesting that eventually almost every gamer seems to start down this path, looking for one...
  16. dm4hire

    What's your most anticipated game for 2014?

    What game are you looking forward to seeing released in 2014? I'm waiting for Firefly myself.
  17. dm4hire

    Known Game Hacks?

    I'm wondering what games people know have been hacked and where to find the info? I know of the following: Various Dragon Age hacked stuff at Dragon Age Oracle Official sanctioned Cortex Plus Hacker's Guide
  18. dm4hire

    Anyone else finding Easter eggs while reading the book?

    Looks like Monte has hidden some Easter eggs within Numenera. I believe I've found a couple paying homage to D&D. The first is a play off of the Rod of Seven Parts but only in the nature of the quest to find all The Seven Pyramids. It says in the book that for some unknown reason they were...
  19. dm4hire

    Game visuals for Numenera

    Here are some resources I've found that would work well for in game pictures or give some ideas of what the world would look like beyond the map in the book. Nice future terraform picture Possible Aeon Priest A Jack io9 article, with map, talking about Pangea Ultima. Another Pangea Ultima Map...
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    Duplicate thread, please delete.

    Duplicate post. Please delete.