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  1. Immoralkickass

    D&D 5E Six Faces of Death - A short campaign module I am currently running this for 5 players, can't find many discussion on this online. Its on wotc website, and also DMsguild. Anyone run this before? What is your experience with it?
  2. Immoralkickass

    D&D 5E Mechanics you don't want to see, ever

    After looking at Rune Knight and Revived Rogue, I thought that some things should never appear in the books as mechanics. I just feel that things like height change, and personality/bonds/flaws change should not be a class/subclass features. They are no concrete rules for that, and you can't...
  3. Immoralkickass

    A house rule that made your class perfect

    Its common knowledge that most people don't play 100% vanilla dnd, unless you are playing AL. So what house rules have you or your DM implement that have made your character just the way you wanted it to be? Mine was as the UA Mystic class, playing a Soul Knife. I felt very unsatisfied with my...
  4. Immoralkickass

    D&D 5E Auras should be automatic

    There's something that bothers me in XGTE, that is the new paladin auras. An aura is simply the effect of your presence, nothing else. Just by you being there, it should have a passive effect on your allies or enemies, or both. Because paladins are people who are so full of themselves that they...