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  1. niklinna

    D&D 5E An interesting homebrew ranger

    Was trolling around on youtube and came upon this. A reworked ranger base class and a goodly number of subclasses. Some subclasses are variations on UA versions, apparently pre-Tasha's. A few of the subclasses are quite interesting and well-themed, including an urban ranger, a wind-caller, and a...
  2. niklinna

    Old Tags

    I have been digging into some old posts here, and instead of SPOILER they use SBLOCK, and other old tags that don't render properly. It would be nice if the forum software could be modded to handle those old tags again, or if the articles themselves could be converted (although that would be a...
  3. niklinna

    D&D General RPG Theory and D&D...and that WotC Survey

    In light of the...somewhat heated discussion about whether D&D is gamist and if so how, I've been digging a little into the history of RPG theory leading to the rise & fall of the GNS (Gamism/Narrativism/Simulationism) model, since I missed out on that drama when it happened. My exposure to GNS...
  4. niklinna

    D&D General [o5e/a5e] Classless D&D? Spitballing thread

    A joke response I made in another thread about the risk of turning D&D into a freeform, classless system got a response of its own saying that would be really cool, although the design "would have to be incredible". Well! Were you to accept this challenge, how might you go about it? You got...
  5. niklinna

    Level Up (A5E) Google sheet for proofreading the index

    Hey folks, Indexes are tough to proofread! I made a google sheet to track errors I find, but I can't check everything. If you are interesting in making sure the index is good, check this out and submit bug reports. It's currently set to allow public commenting. File any bugs you find yourself...
  6. niklinna

    Level Up (A5E) Google sheet of all combat maneuvers

    I made another thing (direct link, looks better there). Maybe you will like it. Please report any errors! You can sort by column or apply filters to see just what you want.
  7. niklinna

    Level Up (A5E) Passive Stealth?

    Why do you think passive Stealth is on the official character sheet (listed first no less)? Is it going to be that common?
  8. niklinna

    Level Up (A5E) Martial Maneuver Progressions – A Spreadsheet

    Somebody on the discord server asked for a maneuver progression chart like for spellcasters, assuming you always take the highest-rank maneuver you can. So I whipped one up. No guarantees it will remain at this URL, so make a copy if you want to keep it!
  9. niklinna

    Level Up (A5E) Trained Accuracy (ranger feature)

    Something about this feature makes it feel like it should be a "choose one of the following". If not, a player could apply both Accuracy Bonus and Accuracy Reserve for a single attack, gaining up to +4 to hit. What's your interpretation? Also, it sounds as though the bonus from Accuracy Reserve...
  10. niklinna

    Level Up (A5E) Minimalist character sheet mockup

    I find the official A5e character sheet a little hard on my eyes, so I thought I'd mock up a minimalist design that's easier to scan. I would like to do this with the heading font used in the rulebooks but I don't know what it is, so it's good old boring Helvetica for now. UPDATE: See post 12...
  11. niklinna

    Level Up (A5E) LFG for Level Up on Roll20 (and perhaps other VTTs)

    Heyo! If I were to use Roll20's LFG feature, how best would I specify Level Up as the game I want to play? They have a fixed list of games in the combo box menu, which doesn't include Level Up (yet), but there is a keyword search. The question is, what keyword would be best? This is also an...
  12. niklinna

    Level Up (A5E) Phase 2 stretch goals

    Check 'em out folks:
  13. niklinna

    [Level Up A5E] San Francisco area player looking for group

    Hello! Level Up is on its way and I'm interested in playing it. Is anybody looking for players in the San Francisco, California area, or more virtually the U.S. west coast? Time zones allowing, it doesn't even have to be that. I'm available mondays, tuesdays, fridays afternoon/evening, some...
  14. niklinna

    Level Up (A5E) Marshal class vs. Warlord archetype

    I had the impression the Marshal class was A5E's version of the 4E Warlord, but now I see there is a Fighter archetype named Warlord in the mythological figures book. Anybody got a bit of info on that?
  15. niklinna

    The long payoff

    Years ago, in the one & only campaign I've played from start to end, I made up a 4e star pact warlock. I gave my DM a moderately detailed back story, involving a cursed birth and a horrific twin brother who the midwife ran off with, and the DM added one thing: as part of the pact, my patron took...
  16. niklinna

    Level Up (A5E) New to A5e—surveys still wanted for older material?

    I've been away from D&D for a while now, but just stumbled upon Level Up and it looks interesting. I've skimmed some of the playtest documents and am going to start digging into them more, but before I go filling out any surveys, is that info still wanted for the older documents? I'm...
  17. niklinna

    Pathfinder 2E Pathfinder 2 class/build guides?

    Is anybody working on class/build guides for Pathfinder 2? If so, where will they end up? The Character Builds & Optimization subforum here on enworld seems to be only for D&D so I didn't want to post this question there.
  18. niklinna

    D&D 5E [5E] Review of Dawnforged's "WoW-style" Shaman class

    I haven't enjoyed playing 5E much (at least it's better than 4E), but I recently stumbled across this 3rd-party class and it has really got me interested in trying 5E again. The author has posted a youtube video that covers the class in pretty good detail, with links to purchase. You can also...
  19. niklinna

    Arcane tradition for familiars (under development)

    I was really taken by the sentinel raven feature of Raven Queen warlock patron that appeared in Unearthed Arcana, but I found its basic features to be a bit strange (and confusingly overlapped with familiars). I also find the warlock class a frustrating mess mechanically, so I figured I would...
  20. niklinna

    Is Hex worth keeping?

    I have been working on my first 5e warlock, and the more I look at Hex, well-regarded though it be, the less useful it seems at higher levels. I suppose any extra damage is nice, but Hex requires concentration, and I can see myself using a number of other concentration spells to better effect...