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  1. Immoralkickass

    D&D 5E Companion thread to "5E Survivor - Subclasses (Part VI: Fighters)"

    Hot take: I just feel like Fighters' subclasses kinda suck. They are all kinda crap except Echo Knight, Rune Knight, Psi Warrior and Battlemaster. Arcane Archer is a joke, its like Hawkeye brought 2 trick arrows to a fight. Cavalier. When your mount dies, where are you going to get another...
  2. Immoralkickass

    D&D General Do I Have To Have Players?

    Without players, you're just playing with yourself. Wouldn't that be considered masturbation?
  3. Immoralkickass

    D&D 5E Is the imbalance between classes in 5e accidental or by design?

    I voted Accidental. The Fighter does not have anime fightan abilities because the designers cannot imagine the Fighter doing it. Its because they don't believe you can do amazing things without magic, or that incredible feats can only be achieved by magic.
  4. Immoralkickass

    D&D General what are the setting functions of elves?

    They are target practice.
  5. Immoralkickass

    D&D 5E Is it just me or are Harengons really (maybe a little too) good?

    Seems a decent race but nothing special, not sure why you think its too good.
  6. Immoralkickass

    D&D Movie/TV Could D&D/MtG tv/movies replace Superhero movies?

    Being a doomsday merchant now, are we? MCU revenue dropping 50% could mostly be attributed to the fact that COVID forced most of cinemas to shut down for long periods of time. Plus, some people just stopped watching MCU altogether after Phase 3. I don't think Honor Among Thieves are referring...
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    D&D 5E Invisible, hidden and within 5 feet of an enemy making a ranged attack

    You know the feeling that you're being watched, but you can't see who is it? It sends a chill down your spine, and also the stench of body odor gives away the invisible guy's position. You also can sense the presence of someone near you sometimes, even though you can't see it. I don't think...
  8. Immoralkickass

    5.5e - What ONE section of the rules would you rewrite for clarity?

    1. Whether an ability is magical or not (like the ol 'is Dragon's breath magical?') Sage Advice. When i ask a Y/N question, i expect to get a Y/N answer. I don't want to go through a massive checklist and get a 'maybe, ask your DM' nonsense. 2. If we are talking about clarity, so many things...
  9. Immoralkickass

    D&D 5E The Weakest Spells in 5e - The Quick Fix

    Uhh, most of them still suck after the changes. Weird - The ones you want Frightened are usually immune, the ones that are not immune can be dealt with a 9th level Fireball anyway. Mordy's Sword - Still crap. Now with the auto hit, it can be consistently crap. Concentration kills it...
  10. Immoralkickass

    D&D General why do we not have an armourless half caster?

    I could say the same for clerics. Why do we not have armorless clerics? You know, the more priestly type who smites evil with holy light, and focus more on their divine magic than martial prowess. I thought Twilight Clerics should be the the one since its stated that they like to wear...
  11. Immoralkickass

    D&D 5E The tyranny of small numbers

    Most likely they are right. I've heard plenty of DMs tell their players that you don't need to optimize your characters, then they throw CON saves at DC20+ out the wazoo. I am convinced anyone who tells you that you don't need to optimize and 'roleplay is more important' is just trying to sound...
  12. Immoralkickass

    D&D General Run Away!

    Running away is really screwed in 5e. Besides the lack of proper mechanics, most monsters at high CR can also can take Legendary Actions to move/teleport. You are totally not getting away from them.
  13. Immoralkickass

    D&D General The Power of Creation

    The DM can do whatever he wants, as long as its in good faith. There's only 1 thing that is a big no for me: Fudging. You do it, you a bad DM. Respect the dice, if you dont want a probability of success, don't ask for a roll.
  14. Immoralkickass

    D&D General RP style Problem solver?

    I think its complete horseshit. Roleplaying and Solving problems aren't mutually exclusive. What does he expect? Sit around all day, do funny accents and play out his character's quirks all day long? Usually the PCs have a role, whether they are heroes, mercenaries, or even evil baddies, we...
  15. Immoralkickass

    D&D 5E A change of heart about Tasha’s

    I find Tasha's powercreep to be acceptable. Its better to have small amouts of powercreeped subclass, than have trash that nobody uses like Purple Dragonknight or Arcane Archer. There's no Hexblade level of power for subclass, or Healing Spirit levels of broken for spell. On my first reading of...
  16. Immoralkickass

    D&D 5E Six Faces of Death - A short campaign module

    Its funny because in one session alone, my Skull Lord gained 2 heads from 2 party members. One guy fell for the "I need your help, but only you can come with me." The 2nd guy tried to save the first guy alone but failed when he tried to Dimension Door out of the cube. They were so trusting of...
  17. Immoralkickass

    D&D 5E Six Faces of Death - A short campaign module I am currently running this for 5 players, can't find many discussion on this online. Its on wotc website, and also DMsguild. Anyone run this before? What is your experience with it?
  18. Immoralkickass

    D&D General My Best and Simplest Homebrew Rule: Nerfed Long Rests

    I don't like it, its obviously nerfing the players, and players dont like nerfs. Plus, most people have trouble remembering too many house rules. A better way to do it is be more liberal with giving out Exhaustion levels. Long distance travel at fast pace? Exhaustion. Lack of food/water...
  19. Immoralkickass

    D&D General spells

    There's always MORE Ochre Jellies, you can kite 1 but surely you can't kite 20 all at once. Or you can throw the Super Ochre Jelly at them, it has flying, telekinesis, and fireball.