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  1. mcmillan

    Updated Cortex Non-commercial license

    On the Cortex Prime kickstarter page a new non-commercial license was announced. For people that didn't see/forgot, a license was originally last year that was not received well (it was overly restrictive and included sections that seemed like they were copied from open source software so it...
  2. mcmillan

    D&D 5E Fizban's Treasury of Dragons Previews

    WOTC shared some art and other previews with people via Twitter today An example Draconic gift (magic item-like), Echo of Dragonsight 3 adventure hooks for Emerald dragons Art of a Red Greatwyrm breathing fire onto a village Art of the Moonstone dragon
  3. mcmillan

    Allying with Pemberton

    Should point out this will contain spoilers for the end of Revelations from the Mouth of a Mad Man. So if you're concerned about such things don't read the rest. So the technologist Artificer in my party has been making friends with Pemberton since he was introduced. We're now in adventure...
  4. mcmillan

    Organization of Family (spoilers)

    So my group has been enjoying taking advantage having contacts with Morgan Cippiano and the Family in Flint. Now we're about the get the point in Always on Time where Griento will be wanting to get their help with the Family in Nalaam. That leads me to wondering how closely integrated the...
  5. mcmillan

    ZEITGEIST Clockwork Zeitgeist

    The title of my thread is referring to the store we play in, though it seemed pretty fitting for this campaign. In case it's not obvious, posts will contain spoilers for the campaign. Edited to show current party Heskan - Dragonborn Warlord/Bard hybrid with Yerasol Veteran theme. Came from...
  6. mcmillan


    Taelvosh d'Lyrandar, Half-Elf (mechanics of human for now) Sorcerer 1 Background: House Lyrandar Dragonmarked agent (built as combo of knight and guide background) Specialty: Investigator Longsword +6 (1d8+3) Flail +6 (1d8+3) Magic attack +6 Save DC 14 HP: 11/11 AC: 17 HD: 1d8/1d8 Str 17(+3)...
  7. mcmillan

    D&D 4E Midgard Bestiary for 4e now available

    The open design folks have released the Midgard Bestiary for 4th Edition D&D. I got around to skimming the pdf tonight and already getting some inspiration for things I want to use in a campaign.
  8. mcmillan

    Blood Money Adventure in Dungeon

    New Adventure for Dungeon posted today. Looks pretty interesting, has the character trying to figure out how to break into a keep and steal a treasure hoard. Also has some nice mechanics for managing the defenses that I might have to adapt for a different setup I have coming up for my players.