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    Pathfinder 1E Gambler (Rogue Archetype)

    Version I
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    Pathfinder 1E Gadgettrix Technology

    Technological marvels are not limited to gentlemen's attire, but have revolutionized ladies fashions as well. The well dressed femme fatale may avail herself of any of the technological items below artfully complementing the fashions of the day. Atomizer Accelerant: The cheap perfume held by...
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    Pathfinder 1E Scrimshaner: Druid Archetype [Homebrew]

    Druid Archetype: Scrimshaner The scrimshaner is a trapper or frontiersman that has developed from a deep and abiding passion for untamed wilderness and the natural order. This druid archetype is proficient in the use of firearms has developed a deep spiritual bond with her favored gun as a...
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    Hand Crossbow Build Advice?

    Looking for advice on how to best build two different approaches a hand crossbow build: A Rogue and an Artificer. My initial take on race is a Drow Rogue and Shardmind Artificer.
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    Poem in Five Parts

    Edition One did it first Number Two did it worst Version three revitalized Edition Four took a dive Long live number Five. Buy all your dungeon favorites in new D.V.D. format.
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    PF 1880 World Building

    Using PF Gunslinger and other martial classes in a steampunk "no spells" campaign set in historic North America (1880). Medic (Paladin) provides field medicine (healing hands). Mad Scientist (Alchemist) throws pyrotechnic fireballs. I'm trying to find interesting ways to redifine classic...
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    D&D 4E 4e Vehicular Feats

    Vehicular Feats Any Mounted Combat related feats also applies to the pilot of a vehicle. Characters also have the following HEROIC feats available to them. Tell me what you think. REDLINE Effect: With this feat, you can use the Redline Power. Redline You push your engine to the maximum to...
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    Oz Theme Origins

    Inspired by the Hawkoid Simian here is a few Oz inspired GW Origins PSI Origins Cowardly You have a simple method for resolving conflict; Run Away. You may be a gutless coward, but you continue to survive in a wasteland that has been the death of thousands of finer and braver men. You know...
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    Clockwork Monster Template

    Taking a steampunk spin on Gamma World. This is a template for GW monsters. Its longer than normal because I wanted it to be unpredictable and flexible. Clockwork Monster Template The clockwork is a mechanical augmentation designed enhance the abilities of an organic creature. Many of these...
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    Is the GW Box better than the Red Box?

    It seems to me that the Gamma World Box is a better investment than the Red D&D starter box for first time players. First, the rules are even simpler than the red box/essentials rule set and it doesn't require any character/feat optimization. Second, you can use it for many more xp levels...
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    Dwarf Rogue Tactic

    A Dwarf Rogue doesn't work well with any of the current rogue tactics. This is my attempt to create a HB rogue tactic that plays to high dwarven constitution scores. What do you think? Taproom Tough You are the veteran of many bare knuckle back alley brawls and know how to absorb unexpected...
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    Additional Gamma World Origins

    I'm thinking of adding a few HOMEBREW origins for Gamma World; here is the first one. Tell me what you think. Ape ....................................................................................... And After The Era of Man Came The Age Of The Ape You are a sentient simian with the...
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    D&D 4E Making 0riental Adventures 4e

    I want to give my next campaign an "oriental" theme, and I'm considering the best way replicate oriental classes with 4e classes, and want some additional input. Straight-forward Converstions: Shaman: same Barbarian: same Monk: same Ninja: Assassin (mystic shadow powers) Bushi: Fighter...
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    Clockwork Template

    Clockwork Template The clockwork creature is a mechanical facsimile designed to act as a organic creature would. Many of these constructs are created to display the skill of the maker. Some are created as loyal servants to perform tasks that risk disease, poisoning, or suffocation. The remainder...
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    2 Stmpnk Paragons: Gear Knight & Grease Monkey

    Gear Knight Nothing good is made without blood, sweat, and gears. Prerequisites: “Lay on Hands”, Proficiency with a Heavy Shield, Lawful Good. Your order has dedicated itself to the construction and maintenance of machines that aid mankind. It is the belief of your order that the precision...
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    Marked Question

    Can two different character's "mark" the same target?
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    STR based Sling

    Shouldn't ranged attacks from the sling be strength based rather than dexterity based since the force of impact is proportional to muscle driven spin?
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    Shadows of the Apt Campaign

    Is anyone reading "Empire in Black and Gold"? I am interested in incoporating the themes of this novel into a campaign. For anyone interested, “Shadows of the Apt” portrays an alien world inhabited by various human/humanoid races (kinden). This world was dominated by gigantic insects but...
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    "Four Arms" Ideas

    Looking to create a PC "insectoid" creature with an extra set of arms, but need some advice. I have a few ideas, but I don't know what would be best. Tentative Racial Features Racial Attribute Modifiers: +2 DEX, +2 WIS Language: Common + one of choice Racial Skill Bonuses: +2 Religion, +2...
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    Harbingers Harbingers are children born of an unknown genesis to fulfill an alien design. Barren women go to extremes to produce a child. In some societies, if the wife can not produce a male heir for her husband she may find herself destitute or murdered. Some women can not bear the thought...