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    Pathfinder 1E Reported post: To All Who Think Pathfinder Can Challenge WotC(4148800)

    Original post: in Thread To All Who Think Pathfinder Can Challenge WotC Reason: Flamebait, has no logical argument. Assigned Moderators: (mods who got the Email) April O'Neil, Bargle, Creideiki, d6, Darkness, Dinkeldog, Dinkeldog2, el-remmen, Eridanis, Henry, Hypersmurf, Kid Charlemagne...
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    How D&D Was Saved and Made It To 4e

    I was jumping around the interwebs and found some incredible articles. The first describes the god-awful way that TSR was run into the ground, by one of the programmers for the CD-ROM Core Rules. It also describes the reason that the 3.0 Character Generator was a failure...
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    Making your own power cards

    For everyone that wants to make their own power cards for 4e, I have begun to create some as a proof of concept. I use a program called Magic Set Editor (link) and a form with a full text box (link). It is really easy to differentiate the types of powers. I use bronze for at-will, silver for...