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    What are you reading? September's Septic Septum edition!

    Reading Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly. Not too bad, but you sort of know where it is going even if you have no idea where it is going.
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    What are you reading, Septembre 2018 edition

    I'm reading Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time, 2017 edition.
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    What are you reading? (August 2017)

    I'm waiting for Infomocracy by Malka Ann Older to arrive by mail. I do not like ereaders and I want a physical copy that I can keep and lend. Anyway, I'm really curious to read about direct democracy. "It's been twenty years and two election cycles since Information, a powerful search engine...
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    Inhumans (TV trailer)

    Making people watch this show will indeed be inhuman.
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    Wonder Woman Spoilery Review

    Saw it yesterday. It definitely is the better DC superhero movie since Batman: the Dark Knight. Mind you that the bar wasn't very high and that means little. But I won't compare it to the MCU, cause that is just mean. The film is clunky and the pacing a big off, but who ever did the editing...
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    AI creates a few D&D spells

    They seem appropriate. Hold Mouse Gland Growth Wrathful Hound Grove of Plants Conjure Velemert Vicious Markers
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    The Defenders (trailer)

    Smells like Teen Spirit? Is nothing sacred? Anyway, looks good. Better than the mess Luke Cage and Iron Fist was. Hopefully they have a plot for this one and resolve some stuff.
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    The Dark Tower (trailer)

    Color me surprised and interested. My only quibble is Roland catching the bullets mid air with his gun. It makes him look like a superhero who's superpower is guns. A bit like how Fast and Furious is about superheroes who's power is cars.
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    Thor: Ragnarok (trailer)

    May the power of the 80s be with you! Not sure that "we know each other from work" joke will be in the film.
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    It (trailer)

    An old classic. Will it top Tim Curry's campy interpretation?
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    Valerian and the Guardians of the Future... Um, I mean And the City of a Thousand Planets (trailer)

    When the City is seen with the music it made me think of GotG. So when the alien says "You are the Guardian...". I hope it is better than the comics. So far it looks like the usual space action-adventure film.
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    Justice League (trailer) Looks good, but DC trailers were never the issue. Just think of Suicide Squad's Queen trailer. And we know how that ended up...
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    Fan Service: The Film. Oops, I mean Atomic Blonde (trailer)
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    What are you reading? [March 2017]

    I just started The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett and The invisible Man by H.G. Wells. Both classics that I waited too long to read. I was wondering, do others read more than book at a time? What is your limit? Mine is three.
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    Netflix's Orc Cop teaser staring Will Smith!

    Also known as the less cool Bright for some reason.
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    Wonder Woman (trailer)

    WW's power levels seem different from when she fought Doomsday. Mostly an impression so far. She might get a power up in the film. Her accent makes adot sound like an emotionless actress. Or maybe it ain't the accent. Even with great musical theme, I'm not seeing anything different from...
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    Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 (trailers and teasers)

    No opinion.
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    [April 2016] What are you reading?

    I finished Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan. It started out alright, but became uninteresting pretty quickly. I can't believe it won the Philip K. Dick Award in 2003. Makes me wonder about that prize*. Maybe the Netflix adaptation will be better by shortening it. I'm starting the classic...
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    X-Men: Apocalypse (trailer)

    Looks dramatic. Ashame Wolverine isn't the Horseman Death like in the comics. At least so fart. I guess we'll see him in the last trailer like we did for Spider-Man. I think it is time Xavier lobotomized Magneto. How many times must your ex-best friend try to exterminate humanity before you say...