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  1. jaelis

    D&D 5E Dungeons and Dragons puzzle on 538

    Edit: note the date, this was from May 15 2020. Nate Silver's 538 site has a weekly math-based puzzle; today it deals with calculating the odds for advantage and disadvantage. Those who have enjoyed playing...
  2. jaelis

    D&D 5E Swiftstride Shifter reaction trigger

    This was pointed out by @Inanity: The Swiftstride Shifter in the Eberron book gets the shifting feature: As written, you can take the reaction at the end of each of your own turns, since you are a creature within 5 feet of yourself. Do you think this is intended, or a wording error? For...
  3. jaelis

    A TWF revision?

    I've been working on tweaking up a sort of personal 5.1 edition, with houserule fixes for the things that bug me. One of those is the TWF rules; I know that I am not alone in this. Here are things I don't like: - Unlike other styles, a TWF fighter must use their bonus action every round to...
  4. jaelis

    Improving the armor proficiency feats

    The existing armor proficiency feats seem too weak to me. I would like it if the feats were at least somewhat competitive with a multiclassing dip for a player interested in upgrading their armor. I was thinking to offer these improved versions. Do they seem good enough? Combat Trained You...
  5. jaelis

    For those who miss exotic weapon proficiency

    Here is a generic EWP feat, for anyone who likes that sort of thing. It is meant to recreate the various exotic weapons that were available in 3e. Exotic Weapon Wielder You have learned how to fight with an unusual and powerful type of weapon. You gain the following benefits. - Increase your...
  6. jaelis

    Variant weapon table

    ** OK, one more update, probably my last iteration. Thanks for all the help! ** (Note previous versions are available as attachments) I've never been quite satisfied with the 5e weapon table. Namely, I don't like the inconsistencies in weapon quality, nor the lack of differentiation between...
  7. jaelis

    Shield master on twitter

    Sounds like JC has reversed his ruling on the timing of bonus actions: Of course, everyone should ignore that and play as you like. But I guess it's good to know the official position.
  8. jaelis

    Greataxe, greatsword, and a little math

    Everyone knows that the greataxe has slightly lower average damage than the greatsword. The axe does 6.5 on average, the sword does 7.0. This is not a big deal, but it bothers me more than it probably should. Of course, when you add in the GWF style, the disparity grows quite a bit. Rerolling...
  9. jaelis

    D&D 5E Homebrew cantrips

    I thought it would be nice to offer a illusion cantrip other than Minor Image, for illusionists and other illusion-themed characters. Here is what I'm thinking, does it seem reasonable?
  10. jaelis

    D&D 5E Darkness spell and magic light

    Jeremy Crawford has been discussing the darkness spell on twitter. The basic question is, what kind of magical light can penetrate an area of darkness? The RAW answer would seem to be, any kind of magic light except that from a spell of 2nd level or lower. So for instance any magic item that...
  11. jaelis

    D&D 5E Character generation stats from DnD beyond

    The 538 site has an article on chargen stats: Spoiler: humans are the most popular race, fighters the most popular class, and human fighters the most popular combination. Some interesting factoids: - "Weird" races like genesai and...
  12. jaelis

    D&D 5E 538 covers Vin Diesel and Dungeons and Dragons

    This is a cool article:
  13. jaelis

    D&D 5E List of Ambiguous Spells

    For the most part 5e does a good job describing spells in a clear way and providing enough information for a DM to make sensible judgements about them. But there are a few exceptions where there are spells with ambiguities or at least confusing points. I've tried to collect some here as...
  14. jaelis

    D&D 5E Spell Component Game!

    I post a material component, you come up with a spell (official or made up) that might use it. Then post your own component for the next person to work with. For example: Component: A shoelace Spell: Mordenkainen's Telekinetic Trip -- Component (credit to Ancalagon): Belly button lint
  15. jaelis

    D&D 5E Stealth house rule

    I don't have any big problem with the PHB rules for stealth and hiding, but I do find them pretty vague in a lot of ways. I feel like I'd rather have a little more structure, both as a DM so I don't feel like I'm constantly ruling on the fly, and as a player so I can know better what to expect...
  16. jaelis

    D&D 5E Fist of Unbroken Air ... broken?

    The monk discipline Fist of Unbroken Air says: "As an action, you can spend 2 ki points and choose a creature within 30 feet of you. On a failed save, the creature takes 3d10 bludgeoning damage, plus an extra 1d10 bludgeoning damage for each additional ki point you spend." That looks to me like...
  17. jaelis


    New excerpt up with a sampling of alchemy rules. The Adventurer's Vault is starting to look rather appealing :)
  18. jaelis

    New DDI aps

    I think this is new... the DDI has two "bonus tools", an encounter generator and an ability score generator. They both look pretty good... the encounter generator seems particularly useful.
  19. jaelis

    Penalties for running too long?

    On pg 261, the PHB says that the DMG has information for what happens when characters travel for more than ten hours a day, or move at double speed for an extended time. Does anyone know where these rules are?
  20. jaelis

    Spellbook questions

    What happens if you take away a wizard's spellbook? Also, if you take the wizard multiclass feats, do you get/need a spellbook?