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  1. JLtheking

    Level Up (A5E) Detect Good and Evil Question

    By a strict reading of the wording, the answer seems to be only the location of the creature.
  2. JLtheking

    Level Up (A5E) Keeping beasts dangerous with the squad template.

    As written, Hold Person and spells like it do nothing. Though you are free to houserule something else.
  3. JLtheking

    Level Up (A5E) Not Sure How to Implement Fatigue level 5

    So instead of keeping track of the current number of hit dice, instead keep track of the number of expended hit dice? That’s indeed a good way to do it.
  4. JLtheking

    Level Up (A5E) Not Sure How to Implement Fatigue level 5

    On top of figuring out how it works, figuring out what happens when you lose the 5th level of fatigue is yet another barrel of worms. If they were previously halved, then logically that means they should now be doubled back to their original value. What does doubling hit dice mean? Do you also...
  5. JLtheking

    Level Up (A5E) Looking for A5E Players

    Is that 7am in the morning? Or pm?
  6. JLtheking

    Level Up (A5E) Expertise Dice Replacement - Any ideas out there?

    Personally I’m considering converting the expertise dice system to the boons system from Shadow of the Demon Lords: Expertise dice are all d6s, and you can have as many of them as you are granted. When you roll your d20, you roll all your expertise dice (if any) alongside, and you take the...