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    Excamples of a City for cross-planar travel

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a resource a detailed description of a city that serves as a hub for cross-planar travel, the kind of place where mages have set up semi-permanent gates to other planes, and various travelers and traders pass through on their way between worlds? Something...
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    D&D 5E [5e] Vengeance Paladin/Celestial Warlock advice

    This is a character who returned home to find his family dead at the hands of undead, and swore vengeance. He sought guidance, and his prayers were answered by a Celestial who used to be a follower of Tyr but became disillusioned and singleminded after Tyr's death and now acts independently to...
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    How to roll every type of die in an attack?

    I was playing a warlock, and an ally put a bless spell on me while I was using Hex, which meant that to roll attack and damage at the same time my Eldritch Blasts needed a d20, d4, d10, and d6. This prompted me to wonder if there was a reasonable setup that would let you roll one of each die...
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    When did mixing editions become unusual?

    One thing that I remember about 1st edition era AD&D is that people really didn't see the rule set as something sacred and set in stone; people would pick and choose which rules to use, and casually would mix and match rules from Dragon Magazine, OD&D, BECMI, 2nd edition, and other games without...
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    Scary situations that aren't

    In another thread, someone mentioned the idea of a monster destroying the PC's supply wagon during a desert trek, and pointed out that being trapped in the desert with no food or water was a really scary situation. I've also heard people talk about being stranded on partially wrecked ship with...
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    5th level characters vs a purple worm

    I recently picked up 5e conversion PDFs for the classic Desert of Desolation modules. Most of the conversion makes sense to me, but one thing that seemed odd is that they did a straight 'use the 5e monster stats' for purple worm encounters. The first Module is for levels 5-7, and the 'typical'...