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    ZEITGEIST Sjops Zeitgeist Campaign, spoilers, especially for my players (go away!)

    Hi, After drawing so much inspiration here, I consider it an honor to share some of the adventures of our campaign. Pathfinder 1st One 3hr session / 3 weeks around the kitchen table Keeping track of events and lore on a private Worldanvil-site (screenshots below) Additional campaign themes...
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    ZEITGEIST (anti) paladin in the bleak gate

    We started our campaign in november, slow pace, started with the dying skyseer earlier this month, and we are having a great time so far, really enjoying it. I'll describe some highlights when I'll get around to it. One of my PC's is a dwarven paladin with the following backstory: As a young...
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    ZEITGEIST Homebrew debate-encounter for zeitgeist (pathfinder, but will work in D&D as well)

    Hi, I designed a homebrew debate-encounter for Zeitgeist, for a player who was inspired by the eschatologist theme and is building a philosopher-crusader. I would welcome any feedback, and feel free to copy, share, build on this idea. Included a pdf for your convenience. Ethos, pathos and...
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    ZEITGEIST GM inspiration for session zero

    Hi GM’s out there, I’m preparing for my first Zeitgeist campaign, which will start in a year or so, so plenty of time to prepare. I‘m considering a several sessions zero, one-on-one with each player. I think half of them won't bother to read through the entire player guide, so I'll be their...