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  1. aia_2

    Unwritten DMing rules: the use of dice

    Hello, i just wanted to hear the ideas/experiences on some points about what is your though on the use of dice to reach top level of DMing. 1. Do you always keep hidden the dice results? If not, in which circumstances you disclose them? 2. Do you cheat to keep "balance" or "consistency"? Why...
  2. aia_2

    RPG mainstream direction

    This morning i wanted to post a thought on this thread which draw my interest: But then I thought i would have gone OT because of a "parallel thought" not centered on the discussion: I am aware that this is a...
  3. aia_2

    [Research] Evaluating a Casual Procedural Generation Tool for TRPG

    This might be interesting for any tool user:
  4. aia_2

    One D&d and alignment: new approach

    I read some time ago a post (likely not here, but honestly i do not remember where it was!) where it was explained that with one d&d the alignment will be replaced by a new feature with a completely different mechanics (devotion iirc). Is this the end of one of the most underrated and unusued...
  5. aia_2

    Online communities more important than in-game interactions to get into RPGs

    I found this abstract very interesting: The author is giving more importance to forums and online communities than interaction at the table for those who approach for the very first time an RPG... This aspect may bring to some...
  6. aia_2

    Ultra-live RPG!

    Hi, I don't konw if this has already been shared here (my shearches didn't find any ref...). This is a project of a really visionaire italian fellow: Despite it is in italian, it deserves a glance at it! For a bit of flavour, "la contea gentile" is "the gentle...
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    Hello, maybe i missed this info in the guidelines, but i do not see any board/subforum dedicated to trades. There is one for gamers/groups/DMs and, by convention, i was thinking to find also a similar one for books/minis... Am i right that there is not any board for such a topic?
  8. aia_2

    Artworks in an RPG

    The question seems simple but it might have some considerations that I am not sure I know and therefore I likely miss the whole picture: why are artworks in an RPG book so important? A good book would sell also for the contents regardless to the presence of internal artworks? I imagine that the...
  9. aia_2

    Current fees and costs

    I would like to have an idea of the actual costs I would need to face if I want to produce a "professional" product. The assumption is a new rulebook of approx 200 pages. To my knowledge the costs are: 1. Proofreading (the assumption is 200 A5 pages) 2. Editing (meaning the production of the...
  10. aia_2

    Dice mechanics essay - Thoughts on impacts on RPGs

    Hi all, i have recently found this essay: It is really interesting to see how much a mere mechanics can influence the fun of a "pretend to be" game! I have an overall comment on the work here: the approach...
  11. aia_2

    RPG Theory - Intelligence and meta-intelligence

    Hi all, this could likely be another "already-discussed" topic: should it be the case, i'd kindly ask you to link here below the already discussed threads along with your feedback/comment. The main question is related to the attribute of intelligence; almost all RPGs have this attribute to...
  12. aia_2

    RPG theory: readings

    For at least the last 10 years (if not more) i used a website as one of thr most useful resources for my collecting activity. After so many time i discovered the "other side" of the same website: I have just started reading this part (along with the...
  13. aia_2

    RPG theory: in-game balancing

    (disclaimer: it will likely have already been discussed but i do not find this topic...) As a game designer, i don't completely understand the need in many games to preserve balance in encounters: why a 1st level party should never meet a dragon? This would result lethal for most of the...