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    My AD&D game is dead

    I haven't seen a "I'm quitting D&D" thread in a little while, so when I came across this old one, I thought I'd post it. Dragon #189, January 1993, "Forum" letter: [Deleted comment - I was being humorous, but it didn't come across that way.] Quasqueton
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    CRs/ELs -- apparently the designers don't read the rules they talk about (old thread)

    From "Design & Development" 8/27/07 I know this is a month old, now, but it has bothered me ever since I first read it. It bothers me because apparently the designers don't understand the very rules they've written and are tinkering with. Actually, "according to the rules" (DMG page 49), a...
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    Must you have and use every book for D&D

    It amazes me, all this complaining about too many supplement books. People claim they "must" get, have, and use anything WotC puts out for D&D. Some call it "rules bloat." There is actually a thread on this forum talking about that some think it is good that a new edition of the game is coming...
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    On taking power away from the DM

    I so often see comments about how the latest edition of D&D has "taken power away from the DM." This usually seems to be considered a sad thing (and sometimes a bad thing). I don't understand this concept. Please explain this idea of "DM power", and explain how DMs have lost it. Quasqueton
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    Eberron - core rules to the extreme?

    I've seen this kind of statement many times in various threads. And if I remember what I've read of Eberron from WotC designers, this is indeed one of Eberron's founding principles. But I have a problem with this idea in Eberron. First: I have no problem with Eberron, itself. At all. This post...
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    What would you do - xp award

    The party is 3 PCs and 4 NPCs (1 NPC party member and her 2 personal bodyguards, and 1 guide). The group is traveling in the wilderness with a wagon, 2 horses, and a mule. They needed to reconnointer an army location, so 2 of the stealth-capable PCs (read: lightly armored and unarmored, but not...
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    On using minis in D&D - approach of AD&D1 vs. D&D3

    The relevant text from the D&D3 and AD&D1 DMGs: * * * Note: although the AD&D1 book doesn't directly state so, it is apparent that the AD&D1 rules were written with the assumption that the players will be using some kind table-top battlefield and miniatures. Most ranges and speeds are written...
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    Balanced encounters - yesterday vs. today

    I've seen numerous references to a supposedly commonly known "fact" of AD&D1 -- that dungeons were more dangerous, not balanced (appropriate) for the levels, etc. (especially compared to D&D3). Here are a few quotes I found with a quick scan through the "Classic dungeons: What makes them great?"...
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    AD&D1 Combat Exercise

    Sample combat with the AD&D1 rules. ******************* The PC: Yrag, the Lord* [I will refer to the Player as "Gary"] Fighter 9 Strength: 18/46 (+1 to hit, +3 damage)** Intelligence: 14 Wisdom: 14 Dexterity: 16 (+1 reaction/missile, -2 defense) Constitution: 16 (+2 hit points)...
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    Why does a published setting need "support"?

    Why does a published setting need "support"? And what is "support," anyway? How big does a setting need to be? A full world? A continent? A single kingdom? A single city? Does a setting need new rules---classes, feats, spells, and such? Would a detailed description (fluff) be enough for a...
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    Class being penalized for doing its thing?

    From a note about the coming new edition: What does this mean in the context of current and previous D&D? How are the various class types "penalized" for doing their thing? I don't understand this comment. Quasqueton
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    Filling holes in the party roster

    If your group of adventurers is short a character position -- missing a healer, missing a blaster, missing a trap-finder, missing a meat shield, just too few in number, whatever -- do the PCs/Players seek out an NPC to fill in the position? Quasqueton
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    How many xp-awarding challenges do you have in your game sessions?

    How many xp-awarding challenges do you have in 4 hours of D&D3 gaming? These can be combat encounters or role-playing encounters, or whatever -- anything with an EL or CR attached to it. Quasqueton
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    Hourly resets instead of daily resets [merged]

    Considering just the core, base classes from the Player's Handbook, what would be the overall effect of changing the "daily resets" to hourly resets? That is, changing the recovery of spells slots, hit points, X times per day abilities, etc. to coming back after 1 hour of rest rather than the...
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    New put down

    I've found a new way to put down a PC. The 3rd level party in my game was fighting a bunch of kobolds, killing one with each successful hit, as would be expected. Then the proud elven archer shot a kobold with his composite longbow and did 2 points of damage. I said, "You wounded a kobold." I...
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    Old ads from old Dragon mags

    Dragon magazine used to have a few pages at the back full of small advertisements for small RPG and RPG-related companies. I was looking through a couple old Dragon magazines last night, and found these interesting advertisements: Dragon #169, May 1991 *** Dragon #77, September 1983 Quasqueton
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    1st to 20th with same character

    Have you ever completed a campaign or adventure path (in D&D3) with the same character* from 1st level** to 20th level***? You can answer as a DM, too. Have you seen a character go from 1st to 20th level? * Doesn't mean the character never died---could have been raised or such ** 1st level, or...
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    Campaign Cartographer - Eberron?

    Is there a Campaign Cartographer map of Eberron? Quasqueton
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    Computers beat up my role player

    Can you identify the D&D player who said this? I'll give a hint: He is a regular poster to ENWorld. (Technically, that's two hints.) Quasqueton
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    World of Greyhawk shield devices

    There is a strange symbol/rune on some shield devices of the WoG nations. You can see the symbol on at least five shields in the 1983 books. The symbol isn't as easy to see (or is not present) in the 2001 LGG. The symbol is a diamond (square standing on its corner) with an X through it. The...