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  1. Perun

    All about Ardlings

    I'd prefer if ardlings were folded into aasimar. I'd actually prefer if they went back to the 2e Planescape Complete Planewalker's Guide version, and provide a table of abilities for both aasimar and tieflings (separate for each race) that you could chose from (e.g. pick a cantrip from list A...
  2. Perun

    D&D 5E What (if anything) do you find "wrong" with 5E?

    People already mentioned a decent number of things that I find annoy me (six saves, option to get primary ability to 20 way too soon, etc.), but what I primarily don't like is that the rulebooks are not readable. I used to read my 2e rulebooks all the time, and this continued to 3e as well. The...
  3. Perun

    D&D General Please help me identify this!

    Ah, well... it turns out I do know what it is (after I clicked the link you provided), it's just that I never encountered the term Konami. I see it's a kind of slot machine thingy. I'm not a native English speaker, and I never really had any interest in slot machines. I just asked a friend...
  4. Perun

    D&D General Please help me identify this!

    Had a bit of spare time on my hands. I is indeed draconic script (Iokharic?), and it reads "The key to wealth lies in defeating the red dragon". I've got no idea what Konami is, but presumably it has something to do with it :) Or, it could just be a cool-looking D&D-related bit of nonsence :)
  5. Perun

    D&D General Please help me identify this!

    The font looks like it might be draconic (the link is to an image on Pinterest, but I remember it from a sourcebook from one of the previous editions, I think -- 3e or 4e, most likely).
  6. Perun

    D&D 5E Desert adventure help

    There's this ancient river, Djel, that flows through the desert, and whose annual flood cycles are the cause of a strip of fertile land along it. Naturally, the land thus blessed is called 'the Child if Djel', or in the native language of the area, Djelibeybi ;)
  7. Perun

    D&D 5E Desert adventure help

    Oh, this! Seconded, thirded, and slightly fourthed for good measure. Fantastic setting, Djelibeybi ('Child of Djel').
  8. Perun

    D&D 5E A new spell for review

    What makes you think so? Teleportation range is in line with misty step (30 ft.), and the casting time (1 reaction) is also closer to misty step. Dimension door is 1 Action and 500 ft. If you're thinking of the additional creature, that's already listed in the At Higher Level options, and would...
  9. Perun

    D&D 5E A new spell for review

    Thanks guys! I appreciate -- and like -- your suggestions, and have edited the spell to include them.
  10. Perun

    D&D 5E A new spell for review

    So, I came up with this spell as a sort of last-ditch rescue spell. At first I wanted a reaction escape spell, so in a way it is a combination of misty step and revivify (except it doesn't really revive you, technically you're gone before you die). I figured that combining a 2nd and 3rd spell...
  11. Perun

    D&D General The D&D Cook book is coming out!!

    Meh... they could have included metric measurements. It wouldn't have changed much (if anything), but would've made the book usable for us who don't do ounces and Fahrenheit and whatnot without having to convert the units.
  12. Perun

    D&D 5E 3 Classic Settings Coming To 5E?

    I propose a single setting: Mystaries of BirthHawk PlaneJammer RavenLance. That should please everybody. Ayup. Smooth sailing further on. No problems whatsoever... :sneaky:
  13. Perun

    D&D 5E Do you make your familiars into NPCs/sidekicks?

    But even the warlock's special familiars aren't really imps, quasits, pseudodragons or sprites. The ability says: "When you cast the spell, you can choose one of the normal forms for your familiar or one of the following special forms: imp, pseudodragon, quasit, or sprite", which I understand to...
  14. Perun

    D&D 5E In an adventure called Dragon Heist I want only two things...

    Planning, IME, is something the players always do. It's sticking to the plans that's difficult. Not having much to do with the WotC adventure, but my party is stationed in Waterdeep, and we have previously killed a red dragon whose mum (an Ancient Red) found out we're the guilty party, along...
  15. Perun

    D&D 5E How Powerful is the Yuan-Ti Pureblood PC race?

    Magic resistance, i.e. advantage on all saving throws vs. spells and magical effects. By itself, it possibly isn't too powerful, but yuan-ti pureblood paladins of the ancients are, apparently, very popular, and with their aura benefits... the synergy is extremely good. We've had one in the...
  16. Perun

    D&D 5E Share Astonishing PC Power Combos Discovered in Play

    I know the feeling, my characters are cursed the same way generally, but particularly in failing Wisdom saves :cautious: I'm not overly fond of multiclass characters (never played one), but in our current party Rogue 5/Fighter 6 (Swashbuckler/Battle Master) half-elf with Elven Accuracy deals...
  17. Perun

    D&D 5E WotC Shares Theros Table of Contents

    We've got a yuan-ti pureblood Paladin of the Ancients in our current campaign, Dex 18 & Cha 20 (rolled stats, 11th level now). Advantage and +5 bonus to all saves vs. spells. It's hard not to be green with envy. My sorcerer, with a +3 bonus to Will saves, has failed so many saves vs...
  18. Perun

    D&D Movie/TV Spider-Man: Homecoming Writers Talk D&D Movie

    ::gurgle:: :: (manly) squeal:: I didn't know that was in the works. M.A.S.K. was probably my No. 1 favourite cartoon series when I was a kid (occasionally, that place was contended by Transformers and Masters of the Universe). Oh, man, I can't wait...
  19. Perun

    D&D 5E Is 5e Darkvision A Good Design?

    Stout halflings had it, but only up to 30 ft. IIRC. Also, if you were using just the PHB, you could not choose your halfling subrace, but you had 30% chance at character creation to have Stout blood, and thus infravision. I might be misremembering, though.
  20. Perun

    D&D General Alignment in D&D

    I don't know if anyone else mentioned this (I'm only on page 2 of the discussion), but in 2e Planescape accessory On hallowed ground, which details various pantheons of the multiverse (and also explains a lot about deities (or powers, as they were known back then), pantheons, their relationship...