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  1. Sonny

    Monte Cook is working on D&D again!

    I didn't see this anywhere else yet. But it's exciting news for me. He's working in R&D and will be writing the Legends & Lore articles. Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (DM Rules and Exciting News) EDIT: Derp. Rex beat me by a minute announcing the great...
  2. Sonny

    Locations of famous dungeons on the Conquest of Nerath Map

    With the art assets released for this month's Dragon, the map used for the board game Conquest of Nerath is a bit clearer and easier to zoom in on and inspect. You can even read the names of famous dungeons to see where they exist in the Points of Light setting. (they have a unique Gravestone...
  3. Sonny

    D&D Minis: Preview 2

    Three new human minis are previewed, along with the return of the mystery silhouette. I must say, the cleric of Pelor looks awesome! :D See them here.
  4. Sonny

    D&D 4E New Wallpapers from the 4E preview books.

    Found Here. I like em, but I really want wallpapers of the individual landscapes from Worlds and Monsters. Hopefully Wizards will provide some more later on.