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    He was also one of the three leads on the Brit show The Champions. (A group saved by, and given extraordinary powers by, hidden Tibetan monks.)
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    Poll: WWYD if You had Your Fav Character’s Powers in the Real World?

    I'm inclined to disagree. A half-elf might be able to pass for Human if their ears weren't too long. (I've seen some people who could pose as half-elves, IMO.)
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    Poll: WWYD if You had Your Fav Character’s Powers in the Real World?

    Some people seem to have missed the part about starting at level 1. As for me, I don't really have a favorite character. More of a favorite type. (Some healing, some Wizard type spells, a fair number of skills. So probably a Bard.)
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    Dragon Reflections #44

    Ah, Duck Tower, a real treasure. I ran it several times, and everyone seemed to like it.
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    D&D General Did you get your start playing D&D, and what do you play now?

    I checked started with D&D and play that and others. Which is technically true. But the very first 'game night' I had we played both D&D (one of the Basic games, it was around '79) and Traveller. Currently I'm in two groups. One plays mostly 5E, the other plays whatever anyone wants to run.
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    D&D Movie/TV Photos from the D&D Movie Set

    That's what I was hoping it was.
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    D&D Movie/TV Photos from the D&D Movie Set

    Is it just me, or is baldy's sword split at the tip? Not a good sign if it is!
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    The Greatest TV Shows of All Time (Kinda): The Top 10

    Any top ten list of TV shows that doesn't include The Twilight Zone, for any reason, is nothing but a farse.
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    D&D Movie/TV D&D Movie Synopsis Namechecks Harpers, Red Wizards, and Neverwinter [UPDATED - MAYBE NOT?]

    Doesn't sound like my cup of tea. The Freaking Realms? Not a fan. A rag-tag bunch of inept morons on a heist? Definitely not a fan. I want a group of competent adventurers in a d@!# dungeon! Also, no cleric, as usual.
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    Trading Shepherds for Miners

    Yep, that's how I remember mom's shepherd's pie.
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    Trading Shepherds for Miners

    Cottage/shepherd's pie is meat, mashed potatoes and corn. What's with all this other stuff being thrown into it? KISS for the win! (Ok, maybe some milk with the mashed spuds, and some butter wouldn't go amiss.)
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    Dragon Reflections #42

    Loved Jean Wells' stint on Sage Advice. It definitely went downhill after she left!
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    Products That Overwhelmed You

    Undermountain was my first.
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    D&D General Assumed Lore/Sacred Cows you've changed +

    Kobolds are blue Dwarves, like they're supposed to be! Its right there in the name, which is where the color cobolt came from. Lizards my butt!
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    What Are You Bad At?

    The Fighter/Cleric/Rogue/Wizard team is only ideal until one of them is taken out. At that point you better have a back up, so if there are only four PCs, you're SOL. Of course, with lots of healing available in 5E this isn't the problem it used to be, so much, but it can still lead to Bad...
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    Worlds of Design: Is There a Default Sci-Fi Setting?

    "Science fiction is what I point to when I say it." Can't remember who said it, but it is still true today for the most part.
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    OOTS: 1231: Technically Still Changes Minds

    Arrgh! Thor's a redhead, dang it!
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    D&D General What published module have you run or played the most?

    Hommlet, for the town mostly. That puts it head and shoulders above anything else as a starter adventure IMO. (Well Phandelver maybe, but I've only run it once.) Second place is Keep on the Borderlands.
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    Million Dollar TTRPG Kickstarter Club

    Makes sense.