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  1. The Grassy Gnoll

    D&D 5E Feywild adventure September

    I’m sure folk have seen this but I saw this on Amazon today - released September. The Wild beyond the Witchlight, a feyland adventure for 5e.
  2. The Grassy Gnoll

    D&D 5E Vicious Dagger question

    Hive mind, help! Vicious Dagger does 7 extra damage “when you roll a 20”. Would you rule that it would deal its extra damage on an improved critical (eg L4 Champion Fighter on a 19 or 20)? (I have a gnome MC Fighter/Rogue in my game who likes to TWF fight with two daggers and thought would be...
  3. The Grassy Gnoll

    Lex Arcana

    Hi all. I am sorely tempted by Lex Arcana but seems pricey - has anyone got any experience of the game that can share their thoughts? TIA Grassy
  4. The Grassy Gnoll

    Basic D&D

    Does anyone still play Basic D&D? Red Box/Expert etc. ive introduced some friends to 5e and showed them the AD&D PHB. Their reaction was, how the hell did this game last so long? Then I showed them the basic set players manual and they were so impressed with the walkthrough adventure (Bargle...
  5. The Grassy Gnoll

    D&D Literature

    So, give me your best works of fine fiction, in a D&D style. I’ll start with: - Detective fiction o Farewell, My Lovely, by T.P.Kay o The Maltese Falchion, by Dashiell Bonusaction o Evil Under the Sun, by Agatha Drizzty o And Then They Rolled 1, same author - Classics o Pair of Dice Lost o...
  6. The Grassy Gnoll

    Change a letter, ruin a spell - Xanathar edition!

    I couldn’t find my original CALRAS thread to cast Threadromancy on, so here’s a new one. Simple format - change one letter, ruin a spell. But only from Xanathar’s, this time. I’ll start: Druid Grope: a more intimate Hold Person. Druid Spell so usually used on trees. Earth Trevor: summons a...
  7. The Grassy Gnoll

    Fighting Fantasy

    So, I’m having another nostalgia rush following the news of Fighting Fantasy reissuing a bunch of their classic Gamebooks from the Eighties, along with a brand new book written by Charlie Higson of The Fast Show fame. I still have the original first three - Warlock of Firetop Mountain, Citadel...
  8. The Grassy Gnoll

    D&D 5E Subscribers

    Hey guys I became a copper subscriber but all that info seems to have vanished after the downtime. Morrus do you still have the subscription? Also where do I find the place to update profile etc to tie to it? Thanks TGG
  9. The Grassy Gnoll

    D&D 5E Starting level

    Quick question. What level do you typically start a campaign, on average?
  10. The Grassy Gnoll

    D&D 5E 5e airships

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a good source for airships for a 5e campaign? Mechanics of flight manoeuvrability, deck plans, etc? Any feedback on usage especially re any game breaking or, conversely, awesomeness that suddenly possessing one might bring. Thanks
  11. The Grassy Gnoll

    D&D 5E Two Weapon Fighting

    Just checking I've got this right: anyone can fight with two weapons, so long as they are Light (PHB p195). Restrictions: - Only Light weapons - No Ability Mod to damage (unless it's negative) for second attack - Uses a Bonus Action - No negative to hit that I can see? Best damage from a Light...
  12. The Grassy Gnoll

    D&D 5E Chromatic Orb

    You can use your spell casting focus instead of material components except where there is a cost for the component listed. Chromatic Orb requires a diamond worth 50gp. But it's a level 1 spell - is it just me or does this seem a bit of a nerf for low level PCs?
  13. The Grassy Gnoll

    D&D 5E #ChangeALetterRuinASpell

    I saw a similar thread linked to in another site (can't recall where now), but inspired by Twitter I thought it might be fun to play this game. We'd be hard-pressed to beat Tasha's Hideous Daughter that I saw there but how about these (apologies if any replicate what others have done elsewhere...
  14. The Grassy Gnoll

    Check Out CURSE OF STRAHD'S Table of Contents!

    THAT'S where the Mongrelfolk appear! That was a long time coming!
  15. The Grassy Gnoll

    D&D 5E Chris Perkins is polling settings on Twitter!

    24 hours to give your feedback... As of just now this is the poll... Get involved, your fave could be the next setting (unless he's just doing it for fun)...
  16. The Grassy Gnoll

    D&D 5E First impressions last

    I know this is a 5e thread, but a question about "why play a cleric" led me to think back to my first experience of D&D (Mentzer red box), and think about how my attitudes to classes have been influenced from that first exposure, and specifically the visual cues the rules gave my 10 year old...
  17. The Grassy Gnoll

    D&D 5E Bats and Silence

    Bit of an odd one... Faced with an angry colony of bats, one of my players cast Silence on the basis that their echolocation wouldn't work, and so they'd get confused and fly into one another, the walls, and then the floor. Not being an expert, this seemed reasonable and 'out of the box', so I...
  18. The Grassy Gnoll

    DMs Guild Issues with DMs Guild

    Anyone else having these issues? - automatically adds 2 of any item to basket - won't process payment, returning simply 'something went wrong' Never had issues with Drivethru and they're meant to be linked. It's doing my nut.
  19. The Grassy Gnoll

    D&D 5E Funerals

    Help me ENWorld Kenobi, you're my only hope. Does anyone know of a short adventure or a setting where a funeral takes place? Preferably a noble one, a big deal, and ideally involving dwarves? Need some Inspiration... Set up: post-Phandelver: careless party managed to let Gundren die in the...
  20. The Grassy Gnoll

    D&D 5E Kobold Press Tome of Beasts

    Did I miss this? Kobold Press is releasing Tome of Beasts and there a couple of sample monsters in this link. Has anyone else posted about this? Did I just roll a 1 for Passive Perception?