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  1. TreChriron

    WOIN 3 Actions = +10 To Initiative or -10?

    I believe the description of 3 actions is incorrect. Since you start from highest to lowest, someone with 3 actions would act on their initiative -10, yes? If this is true, this should be added to the errata. :)
  2. TreChriron

    WOIN SRD - Power Attack typo

    --> WOIN Rules Reference Document - Combat Actions Power attack. You can pay 1d6 to do +1d6 damage. You can stack as many bonus damage dice as you wish by paying 2d6 for each. Is believe this should read 2d6?
  3. TreChriron

    Seattle WA SWADE Sci-Fi SAT Eve Weekly

    Looking for regular players in Seattle, WA for a SAT game 5 - 11pm. The setting info is still being cobbled together from my brain --> Explorer Corps You can learn more about MSG here --> Metro Seattle Gamers - Metro Seattle Gamers (I have several slots available on my group membership and...
  4. TreChriron

    Front Page Login Strangeness

    Another bug. The front page doesn't show me logged in. When I navigate to say Community, I'm logged in. It tricked me to login every time but I'm wise to the robot's tricks now. You won't make me jump like a monkey robot!
  5. TreChriron

    [Seattle Area][Offline] Seattle RPG Carousel Seeking Two More RPG-onauts!

    Do you like a bunch of different RPGs? Tired of buying all these games and never having a chance to play them?!?! Us too! We are currently 5 RPG-onauts exploring the world of RPGs. Come join the mission! We will be switching games/GMs every 8 - 12 sessions. Meeting weekly or bi-weekly on SAT...
  6. TreChriron

    WOIN WOIN Character Creation Quick Sheet

    Look mom, my first product!
  7. TreChriron

    WOIN Publisher's Green Room?

    I see a couple others getting ready to publish stuff for WOIN. I was curious... 1) Would Morrus be willing to host a "publishers only" forum where we could share advice, discuss developing for WOIN and collaborate? 2) If there was such a place, how many soon-to-be or current WOIN publishers...
  8. TreChriron

    WOIN NEW Starship Design Google Sheet

    UPDATE: I have opened the folder for access and updated the link. I don't have access to the downloads page, so that link is old. This is a starship design google sheet for the WOIN NEW RPG. It includes a record summary (to print), a build sheet, a crew list, and several quick references. Many...
  9. TreChriron

    WOIN Starship Construction Questions: Calculating E-DEFENSE?

    So, the rule is 1/2 CPU = E-DEFENSE? I have a computer with 56, and a new component I'm creating (quantum computing) that adds +50% to CPU cycles for and addition 28. That's a total CPU of 84. So my ship's E-DEFENSE is 42? That seems really high...
  10. TreChriron

    WOIN Starship Construction Questions: Size?

    Several different components list a size. Cannot find what impact this has for the building process? Is this an eyeball idea for say... mapping?
  11. TreChriron

    WOIN Starship Construction Questions: Point Defenses

    The text instructs "Total the ship’s point defense points and divide by the ship class." - however, there is a DEFENSE column in the table. What is this value used for? It might make the table easier to understand if CU and CPU columns were "/Point" as well.
  12. TreChriron

    WOIN Starship Construction Questions: Traits

    So, how many Traits can a ship have? It says I can switch them anytime for 1Mcr per Hull Class, so if you have multiple Traits only one is active at the same time? Is there no other cost (or cost increase) to Traits? Aside: The 1.3 errata PDF text is all out of alignment with broken text...
  13. TreChriron

    WOIN Online Starship Generator

    I dig this program. It is splendid. However, I've run into a few issues trying to make my hard sci-fi ship. Is this program easy to update? If I had a list of bugs, where would I submit them? Could you use a helper on it? :-D
  14. TreChriron

    WOIN WOIN Sci-Fi Character Sheet by TreChriron

    I have just uploaded WOIN Sci-Fi Character Sheet by TreChriron to the downloads area. This is a character sheet for use with the NEW RPG (Sci-Fi). This sheet has form fields. You can hide the background elements or the form elements (if they get in your way...). My design goal: to ensure all...
  15. TreChriron

    WOIN Official Build Guide?

    So, let's say some enterprising uber-fan wants to start publishing WOIN supplements. And let's say that enthusiast wants their new crunchy bits to be compatible with current WOIN crunchy bits. And let's further say that this person would like to see a publisher community that prides itself on...
  16. TreChriron

    [Opinion] Let us not perpetrate vigilante revenge in pursuit of social justice...

    After reading a Facebook/Tweet earlier (here: I wanted to respond and have a discussion. Here is the Tweet for easy perusal: --------- We have trouble with harassment and abuse in our #RPG communities. It is great to see retailers taking...
  17. TreChriron

    Kickstarter [Kickstarter] Mythic D6 from Khepera Publishing

    MYTHIC D6 is a dice-based tabletop role playing game created to play heroic action adventure in your genre of choice. The spiritual successor of the D6 Legends games system produced by West End Games, it, and the game worlds it supports, opens new options and opportunities for playing across a...
  18. TreChriron

    AMA with Dario Nardi – Radiance RPG – Self-Publishing

    AMA with Dario Nardi – Radiance RPG – Self-Publishing AMA with Dario Nardi – Radiance RPG – Self-PublishingSept. 20 – 22nd, 2017 on reddit at Join fans of the Radiance RPG in a three day Ask Me Anything – with the creator on reddit! Dario Nardi will...
  19. TreChriron

    Does the Exploit Give you the Skill?

    A question from one of my players... Magician career? It requires the prestidigitation skill. Does the Wizards apprentice exploit Prestidigitation give you the skill?
  20. TreChriron

    WOIN WOIN Fantasy Character Sheet by TreChriron

    I have just uploaded WOIN Fantasy Character Sheet by TreChriron to the downloads area. This is a character sheet for use with the OLD RPG (Fantasy). It has layers so you can choose what elements are visible for printing. I made most of the entry areas more free-form in alignment with how WOIN...