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    Release Announcing The Gloom rpg for kids!

    The Gloom is now out in PDF on DrivethruRPG! The Gloom is a role-playing game for kids (and the kid-at-heart) where you play kids on spooky adventures. The rules are simple enough for kids, but meaty enough for grown-ups to enjoy too. For ages 6 and up. In The Gloom you play modern elementary...
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    Release Six Realms now available in print!

    Six Realms is now out in PDF and POD on DrivethruRPG! Six Realms is a role-playing game for kids by kids. It started out as a family project by a family that, like many families, was stuck inside due to the pandemic and needed something to do. The book contains everything you need to run...
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    Release Sci-Fi Player Races now available

    Sci-Fi Player Races is now out in PDF on DrivethruRPG! Sci-Fi Player Races is a book of playable races for the 5th edition rules of the world's most popular role-playing game. It contains 14 races, ranging from the weird to more archetypal science-fiction aliens. Although originally for the...
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    D&D 5E Warlock build advice...

    Long time D&D player but first time playing 5e. (I've had the main books forever though so I'm pretty familiar with the rules and all.) Starting at 3rd level and I'm thinking of making a Warlock. I want to be fast Dex-based sword wielder, but I want to go with the archfey for flavory reasons...
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    Advice for homebrew kids rpg

    Hi there, I tried some different rpgs to play with my kids (2 boys, 3 and 7) and we weren't totally happy with any out now (looking forward to No Thank you evil though!). So I decided to make my own based on a campaign I made years ago. Basically you have 4 attributes--Strength, Speed, Smarts...
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    Dazed condition in racial power

    Does this sound overpowered (underpowered) for a racial power? Encounter Psionic Minor Action Ranged 5 Attack: Intelligence +2 vs. Will Hit: The target is dazed until the end of your next turn. Also, during that time you and your allies gain a +2 to Bluff and Diplomacy...
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    Critic my race...

    I made a new race and was hoping someone could look it over and let me know if it seems balanced... It's a clairvoyant offshoot of humans BTW. Ability Scores: +2 Wisdom; +2 Constitution or Intelligence. Size: Medium Speed: 6 squares Vision: Normal Languages: Common, choice of one other Skill...
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    Bank Robbery Adventure help

    I want run an adventure where the players rob a bank. Does anyone know a good published adventure (any d20 game or D&D 4E will do)? Or any ideas? Thanks!
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    1d10 instead of 1d20

    Has anyone here ever played around with using a d10 instead of a d20 (for OGL games)? If so, any problems/advantages to it? Just curious--I've been playing around with different dice and such.
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    Bonus equivalent for rerolls?

    Doing some experimenting here.... I remember reading somewhere that rerolling a d20 is roughly equivalent to a +2 bonus (if I remember correctly). What if I use 2d10 and instead of a reroll, roll 3d10 and take the best 2? Does anyone know how to figure out what the equivalent bonus would be...
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    Skills after 1st level?

    Has this already been addressed? I really like the background mechanic but I was wondering what happens if you want to add a skill of some sort at a latter level? Has anyone heard anything? If not, any ideas? Maybe through feats?
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    Psionics Terms for New System

    Okay, working on a new psionics system for 3.x/pathfinder and need some help with naming some terms. The two I need help with are... 1. A mental attack bonus all characters have to resolve psionic powers. Powers work like skills but use one modifier that advances with level. Right now I'm...
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    Good term for "mental dodge"

    Any good ideas for a good term for the mental equivalent of dodging? I can't think of a good term.... I'm designing a game (which may end up being just a homebrew) which has 8 Abilities: Strength Agility Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Awareness Willpower Influence Attacks are against...
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    New Marvel RPG?

    Anyone heard any details about that new CORTEX Marvel RPG? I see that its due to be released next month but have heard nothing about it. Anyone seen any previews or anything?
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    Psioncis as attacks/skill checks

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I wanted peoples opinion on something here. I'm in the midst of creating an alternative psionics system and want to convert powers into attack rolls and skill checks. My problem is how to implement attacks. Here are the options as I see it. 1. Make a...
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    Encounter and Daily Points

    I was thinking of having encounter and daily points instead of the way powers work now in 4E and folding Action Points into on of them. So, for example a character would start with 2 or 3 encounter points, and 1 or 2 daily points to spend on powers and other abilities such as an extra action...
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    Dark Sun and Essentials

    Is there any info on using essentials classes with Dark Sun? Official or Unofficial. For example using themes with essentials classes... Actually, related question, can you use paragon paths with essentials classes?
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    Traps in DMG I

    Are the traps in the DMG reprinted in any of the essential books? It seems that most of the other things are in the Rules Compendium... What about traps and hazards and such?
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    What is arcane magic?

    Maybe a silly question but what the heck is arcane magic? Other types of magic/powers/whatever make sense -- divine/primal magic can be explained by gods and spirits... psionics can be explained by latent powers of the brain... So what is arcane magic then? How to make sense out of a spell? Or...
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    Monster Manual 2 question

    When did they fix the math for monsters? Was it MM2 or 3? I was thinking of getting MM2 but I don't know if its worth it if I just have to make adjustments.