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    The CIA plays old school

    By that I mean they spike their doors before a long rest in the dungeon. "What does a CIA agent always pack for a trip? A doorstop. When you lock yourself into your hotel room at night, slip the doorstop under the door to keep intruders from being able to force the door open. The doorstop is...
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    What's your favorite frog or amphibian themed module and monsters? why?

    From the Temple of the Frog in Blackmoor and onward, there have been many frog, toad and amphibian themed dungeons. I'm looking to steal from them for an adventure in my home campaign. Prefer ones that have an outdoor swamp component and water portions. But I'm looking to do a "literature...
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    D&D 5E Still no OGL (or other license) for 5e? Why not clone 5e with the OGL?

    If the community could use the OGL to build retro clones of other copyrighted material, why not reproduce the mechanics of 5e (which I understand are not protected) with new writing different from 5e (as the writing is protected)? I'm frustrated at WotC/Hasbro's silence on licensing, which is...
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    Can anyone compare Realms Works and City of Brass for campaign management?

    Forgiving (for the moment) that Realms Works still doesn't have web access, can anyone compare these two different campaign management programs? I'm interested in something that will be easier than a wiki to input my campaign and link NPCs, factions, places both for my own notes and to present...
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    D&D 5E Most useful DM tools at the table? Please share

    Folks, I'm getting geared up for a new 5e campaign, and wondering what I should have on my laptop or printed out and have on hand. What have you found that you use frequently at the table? Do you use the DM screen, and which tables do you use? What tables from the DM's Guide or the...
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    Old Schooling the Identify spell

    From my blog. There's a bit more rationale there. Identify 1st-level divination (ritual) Casting Time: 1 minute Range: Touch Components: V, S, M (a pearl worth at least 100gp and an owl feather) Duration: Instantaneous Caster Lvl Rarity Tier 1 Common 3 Uncommon 5 Rare 11 Very...
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    Feature question: link campaign notes?

    I'm wondering if campaign notes can link to each other, and if there is a search function. My dream campaign note feature would be to be able to separate player and DM knowledge and export only the player portion into HTML.
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    Rules for character cost of social status?

    Does anyone know of a published (or web available) set of rules for character "upkeep"? I'm looking for rules that would set a gp cost for the social status that the characters wish to maintain. A ranger might not care at all, a paladin may have a reputation to maintain, a rogue may wish to...
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    New PC in Forgotten Realms

    Looking for comments, questions, to improve the concept. Jynda's Story - as you meet her in a tavern in the Dalelands...... “There's a House of Mystra in Harrowdale, that cute little port on the edge of Cormanthor. That's where I'm from. When the townsfolk first saw the mages in Mystra...
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    Fire Bad

    Is there a spell to extinguish a normal fire? I'm not seeing a low level spell that does just that. Prestidigitation might work, with a range of 10ft - but I think any one holding a torch or lantern would deserve a saving throw, which pretty much invalidates prestidigitation. There are...
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    Again the Sneak Attack Mage

    Ok, here's another try at the Sneak Attack Mage. Previous standard builds where very weak in the mid-levels, and the 3 non-casting levels really hurt. But I've got a character concept that I think fits (roleplaying wise) and I'm determined to min/max the hell out of it within those boundaries...
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    Favored Classes

    Favored Classes are always one of the original base classes - at least for any race I can think of. However, there have been many new base classes that are variations of the original base classes. For instance, swashbuckler off of fighter. Spellthief off of rogue. Is it possible that these...