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    D&D General Don't Regret Running a "Basic" D&D Game

    There's a limitless number of ideas marching around our planet about Dungeons & Dragons. Articles about how to run the game. Videos about crafting compelling nonplayer characters. Entire books dedicated to improving as many people as possible in the craft. Forums of hundreds of thousands...
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    D&D 5E Mixing D&D Monsters with D&D Classes: The Bard

    Ever wish you could pit a battalion of drum-beating goblin warchanters against the characters? How about a four-headed troll that gurgles a disgusting melody to thrust confusion into his enemies and maddening vigor into his allies? Maybe a crime-fighting copper dragon who understands her bars...
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    Media Slaadi in Dungeons and Dragons Part 2: Batrachian Beasts From Beyond

    Novel ideas for slaadi in our Dungeons and Dragons settings and games are seldom seen. The second piece done on slaadi on RJD20, this article strives to innovate a creature I dearly treasure in my own setting, providing ample opportunity for all of you to steal ideas and craft cooler slaadi for...
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    DMs Guild Villain Backgrounds Volume I, a PWYW supplement that helps you create compelling foes

    Villain Backgrounds Volume I In Dungeons & Dragons, player characters are the protagonists of a campaign or adventure. They roam the world, explore dungeons, slay monsters, and interact with diverse characters. Driving them forward or instigating reactions from them are villains, the...