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  1. Swedish Chef

    D&D 5E What do you like about the current adventures from WOTC [+]

    I've seen individual review threads for the various modules from WOTC, and the commentary ranges quite wildly throughout. So let's put together a thread of the positives for the various adventures. Lost Mines of Phalander - a solid introductory adventure! Hoard of the Dragon Queen - I have...
  2. Swedish Chef

    D&D 5E Detect Thoughts and Dream Combo

    Looking for some input on the above combo of spells. The PC is thinking of casting Dream on a sleeping character. There would be a savings throw required as per the spell as the target would not be willing. Then, once in the dream, the PC would control the dream in order to disguise themselves...
  3. Swedish Chef

    D&D General Most Memorable Party Win

    Hi all. Just curious as to what is your group's most memorable "win"? Was it a random encounter that turned sour? A Boss fight that was truly epic? A lucky die roll that completely up-ended the carefully planned campaign? Mine came way back in 1st Edition. I was running the original I6 -...
  4. Swedish Chef

    Transmuter's Telekenetic Fist - Deliver Touch Spells?

    I've recently started playing in a Pathfinder game. We're all new to the rules (although we've played 3.5e for a number of years) and some of the small changes are making life interesting. I'm playing a Transmuter for this game (necromancy and enchantment spells are my prohibited schools). One...
  5. Swedish Chef

    Armour Class Variant

    Recently, one of my players suggested adopting the 4ED rule of increasing natural armour class based on level (base 10 +1/2 level). He feels that monsters above CR5 or so have so many pluses to hit that they never miss the players. My counter was several points: 1) The party has to option to...
  6. Swedish Chef

    Casting Multiple Spells

    After years of playing 3ED, the question was brought forward today in the group. During combat, a character can perform 2 standard actions or 1 full round action. If a spell has a casting time of 1 Standard Action (or less), can a spell caster cast 2 spells in a round (assuming nothing more...
  7. Swedish Chef

    Most Broken Legal Character

    I'm hoping someone can help me, as my google-fu is very weak. I remember seeing a link to a really broken, legit character that was a kobold godslayer, or something silly. It was created as part of a contest or something to show just how crazy some builds could be. But I can't find it anymore...
  8. Swedish Chef

    Scout Skirmish Ability Question

    Greetings all. I'm looking for a bit of input here. A question came up in our last session concerning the Scout's Skirmish ability and how it works with additional attacks. This is 3.5 Edition. Basically, the player believes that once he can make additional attacks in a round, he automatically...
  9. Swedish Chef

    Evil Campaign

    I know threads like this have been posted before, but I can't seem to find any at the moment (my google-fu is weak). My group wants to start an evil campaign, with me running it. I'm okay with that, and have implemented some house rules ahead of time to try and keep things under control (ie...
  10. Swedish Chef

    Warlock Eldritch Blast Question

    Greetings all. I'm playing in a campaign with a large party. We have the following, all around 4th level: Sorcerer Cleric 2x Barbarian Thief Warlock The player for the warlock plays his eldritch blast in a way that seems to be against the RAW (in my opinion). The DM allows it, but it seems a...
  11. Swedish Chef

    Unconcious = Willing?

    The spell "Benign Transposition" has a target selection of "Two willing characters" and a save of "None". Now, if a front line fighter goes unconcious during battle, and the cleric volunteers to be transposed in order for the mage to help stabilize the fighter, would the fighter be considered...
  12. Swedish Chef

    Expidition to Castle Ravenloft - Spoilers and Answers

    Greetings all. I received my copy of Expedition to Castle Ravenloft two days ago and have been happily reading through it. I've seen mention in a couple of threads that people are waiting for it to be available for perusal before purchasing. I'd like to help those in need of information...
  13. Swedish Chef

    Advice Needed

    Greetings all. A bit of background here. I normally DM for the group. There are three original members of the group (including myself) whom have been gaming for 20 years together. 2 other members have been with us for about 6 years, and the newest member is the son of one of the founding three...
  14. Swedish Chef

    Dawn of the Dead Help

    I'm looking to run a one shot D20 Modern adventure based on the Dawn of the Dead movie. Does anyone know of any modules or information for this? I haven't been able to find any resources yet as my google-fu is weak. Thanks in advance.