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    Zipping through Auckland, NZ

    14th-20th August. Anything to see, do, or avoid? People, places and events? Any gaming / conventions going on? What's the story, on the right side of downunder?
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    For our latest campaign, I've decided to produce a news letter for all the participants. This campaign is expected to be a biweekly event. The participants are all involved in the fleet sailing for Avius. With this news letter I hope to create a greater connection and understanding for the...
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    Question about Supernatural abilities

    Does the use of a (su) ability give a display or visual clue as to whom is using it? There is no (V,S,M) components. Its not spell-like. So how does anyone know who the source of an (su) effect is? Would/should a hexblade be revealed as such when he uses his curse? Does the use of a...
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    Rage against Static DCs!!!

    I've just been perusing the Magic Item Compendium And still, after all these years of 3.x DND, some designer still thinks items with static DC's would be remotely interesting to possess. Please, Designers, take note: Static DC's suck canine flatulence!! Players do not create scrolls with...
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    How to Leap non-gaps?

    I noticed a funny little quirk. RAW: You can't long jump across a wooden floor, or stone pavement. This "jumping" action is undefined, as you can't long jump, unless there is a gap to jump over: I found that quite funny. I guess Leap Attack just got a lot less useful... Go RAW! :D
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    New FAQ

    And... Is the following really a Frequently Asked Question?
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    Gestalt Aeranal Elf in Eberron

    We're starting a new Eberron campaign, using gestalt. One of the guys wants to play an Aeranal Elf. Given their peculiar attitude and outlook, what suggestions can I (as DM) give him to make this particular character unique? I have no problems shuffling around minor rules. He was leaning towards...
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    Justice. We all, to some degree, expect it. That we can air our grievances, and have some authority act upon it. It is part of that social contract, which, in today's world, we really don't have much possibility to refuse our subscription. But in the game world, it could be different. Large...
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    Never mind the yellow stuff...

    Orange Snow
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    Jellyfish Swarm

    While busy digesting my lunch, I threw together this: here is my proposed Jellyfish Swarm: Jellyfish Swarm Size/Type: Diminutive Ooze (Swarm) Hit Dice: 4d10+32 (54 hp) Initiative: -5 Speed: Swim 5 ft. (1 square) Armor Class: 9 (+4 size, -5 Dex), touch 9, flat-footed 9 Base Attack/Grapple...
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    Jellyfish Swarm & other sea encounters

    Stuck at work, with little time to prepare for this evening's adventure. I've been brainstorming a group of ship-side encounters, zipping through the SRD, and thought of modifying a "pipe of the sewers" to summon a swarm of jellyfish (poisonous, of course). I'm having trouble patching it...
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    Community Supporter

    OK, after years of hanging around here, I'd really like to be a community supporter, but PayPal, well.... Isn't there some other way to donate money to the site than through this organisation?
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    Message boards becoming too messy boring?

    Are message boards still relevant to you in your game? Do you make excuses to the wife/gf/bf/husband/sig.other, skipping sex to see what new posts have been made? Or are you finding that they barely lift the intressometre above the "It can't be this boring, I must be dead!" level.
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    Gallipoli in Heroes of Battle

    I was browsing my Heroes of Battle and actually enjoying the read when I come upon the following statement: Heroes of Battle, page 85 And I just got to irritated for words, so I had to vent steam here.... Try telling any New Zealander or Australian that the Gallipoli campaign isn't well...
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    Sharing Spells cast from wand with animal companion?

    A druid with an animal companion has a spell-trigger device, a wand of cure light wounds. When he expends a charge on himself (animal within 5 ft.) can he share the spell with the animal, thus healing both of them for one charge? Share spells works when the druid casts a spell, is that what he...
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    Why, Why, Why???

    Refocus: I was wanting to check up if a character could take a 5-foot step and refocus, in this 3.5 game PBMB game. So I turned to the SRD. No luck. I get home, check out the 3.5 PHB. Zip. It has disappeared from 3.5. Or at least, I can't find it. Why? Was there some horribly broken use of...
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    Paladin's mount

    I was reading the PHB errata, and came across this: Does this mean, that a 9th level paladin can have his mount counterspelled from underneath him by a wizard using Improved Counterspell? On a side note, can it be dispelled by dispel magic? This mount is suppressed by an antimagic field...
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    Improved Initiative

    Is there a magical item in any WotC product that grants a boost to initiative? thanks!
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    Summon Monster Lists

    Note that these tables was written for 3.0 and should be updated...some of the monster CR's and abilitires changed. This is also why the Monster manual pages may appear to be incorrect (if you are using 3.5) I promise to see to it... another time :D Summoning Monster I ~CR Monster Source...
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    True Necromancer revisited

    I'm busy sorting out Prestige Classes for a new campaign I hope to start by the end of the summer. Part of this campaign area has a strong undead nation. As a big fan of the true necromancer from Tome and Blood, (nice idea, bad follow through), I decided to brush it up and produce something that...