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    Og: Unearthed

    Things we learned: 1. A brontosaurus loves honey. 2. If no one understands you, yell the same thing louder. 3. stick = not-rock 4. A good way to give out experience in that game is to let everyone vote on each player's most memorable moment of that evening, then let them suggest and vote on new...
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    Warned Threads

    It would be nice if there were some notice at the start of a thread when there's a moderator warning halfway through that might get a new arrival banned if he writes a response without reading the entire thread.
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    For the Record, Again

    Turns out that a level 11 party facing off against four level 3 solo white dragons isn't actually a bad fight. They can't hit worth a darn, but they get enough breath weapon attacks and frightening presence attacks that they'll roll well enough once in a while. A lot of their attacks weaken or...
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    For the Record

    56 zombies killed in one attack. Turns out that a hundred zombie rotters do not, in fact, constitute a difficult challenge for a level 11 party.
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    Pyramid of Shadow, Major Concerns with Climax

    My group is about to get to the final fight of Pyramid of Shadows. I have some concerns. Am I correct, or am I missing something? This will be spoiler heavy. The final fight involves a bad guy, Karavakos and his 12 shadow copies. The shadows are minions with relatively normal stats...
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    Help Request, BGS

    Allright, board game geek is down for maintenance. I want to play Dominion online, and that's the only place I know that has a link to BGS (it stands for a big german word I don't know). Does someone else have that link? MerricB, maybe?
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    Room Description in RPGs

    Just thought I'd leave this here. Its long affected how I think about RPGs. The essay is from Adam Cadre, and is actually about text adventures, but the logic translates easily. And I like it when ideas cross polinate between various realms of geekdom.
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    Hexblade: The Path of Splinters

    This is just one build for the heroic tier. Hexblade Power Source: Shadow Role: Defender Key Abilities: Strength, Charisma, Intelligence Armor Proficiency: Cloth, Leather, Hide, Chain, All Shields Weapon Proficiency: All simple, All military Bonus to Defense: +1 Will, +1 Fortitude Hit points...
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    Hexblade Thoughts

    UPDATE! Current version in post 3 contains all of level 1. Alright, here are my design notes on a 4e hexblade. They're just rough notes at this stage. Hexblade Power Source: Shadow Role: Defender Key Abilities: Strength, Charisma, Intelligence Armor Proficiency: Cloth, Leather, Hide...
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    Discussing fighters (forked from martial power)

    1. This is a total thread hijack. 2. Its really tough to design ranged attacks for fighters that don't end up sucking. I tried. See, eg, my Godhammer Paladin build linked in my signature. The build has one flaw (its a hidden flaw, and you're not likely to find it, so if I don't tell you...
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    D&D 4E 4e Hexblade Brainstorming

    Hexblade Brainstorming The following is just a bunch of notes I've put together while trying to brainstorm a 4e hexblade. I made him a defender, with elements of control or leader. I wanted to use the curse as a marking power, but it seemed to me that if a hexblade cursed you, you should be...
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    Godhammer Paladin (A new build)

    Presenting the Godhammer paladin. Its another one of my "create a new fighting style" classes. This time its someone who uses a heavy thrown weapon as their primary means of attack, and who exploits the versatility of being able to use the same weapon for both melee and ranged attacks. Please...
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    D&D 4E Gaps in 4e Design

    One of the things I enjoy designing the most is material to fill what I'd term the "gaps" in 4e. By "gaps," I mean places where the rules or flavor suggest a class or paragon path or something should exist, but where it does not, and where, at least as far as we know, no material is planned...
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    Brutal Fencer (A Fighter Build)

    Now in PDF form! Its an expanded version of the material from my Versatile Fighter Build thread.
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    Martial Power Preview

    Just read the previewed Polearm Master paragon path. I'm... not really feeling it. It feels like it provides abilities the polearm user ought to be receiving for free, or at least at earlier levels. For example, you have to wait until level 16 before you can use your full Combat Challenge...
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    Versatile Fighter (for lack of better name)

    I've put a lot of it in spoiler blocks for readability. Its a Fighter build based off of using a versatile weapon, switching back and forth between wielding it two handed for extra damage and the use of powers that best fit two handed weapons, and wielding it single handed so that you can grab...
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    Adventurers Vault in Rules Compendium

    Just sayin'. Haven't checked whether its all there, but it turned up a bunch of results while I was searching for other things.
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    Cadfan's Comments on Everything 4e

    Everyone else has had one of these self aggrandizing threads, and some people have had half a dozen or more, so its my turn to have just one. :) Below are miscellaneous thoughts, criticisms, and predictions about areas of 4e. They are in almost no particular order. Character classes I've seen...
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    Shadowcaster Update

    INTRODUCTION TO THIS THREAD I've written compendium posts for the various tiers of material in its final version. Heroic Tier ------------------------------------------------- I loved the 3e Shadowcaster, even though it was flawed in certain obnoxious ways. Here's the beginnings of the...
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    Houserule: Leveling Up Powers

    Sometimes powers don't have higher level versions of the same thing. This causes them to start becoming obsolete at higher levels, with no way to replace them with something that accomplishes a similar task. It sucks when this happens to something you've been using as a trademark. So...