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    RPG Crowdfunding News 098: The Runewild, Interbellum, World of Alessia, The Steel Road, SuperAge, Vi

    Folks might want to know about "Champions Now" - and Tachyon Squadron, a FATE Core supplement for science fiction and space opera -
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    How the Scouts Teach Gaming to Kids

    As a former Life Scout, I really approve this article! It's wonderful to see the BS and GS keeping the hobby alive in such a wonderful way. Thank you! - Bill
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    Getting A Vision For Creating Your Character

    Surprised you didn't mention Babylon Berlin, over on Netflix. It might also be useful in evoking or recalling a certain period in time. I know I'll be watching it, prior to moving us into the 20's! - Bill
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    Have Kung Fu Fights With Bigfoot In Spirit Of 77

    If you love 70's Crime Television, then Urban Knights is for you - - Bill
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    What's In The Cards? Looking At Some Card-Based Tools For Your Game

    I really want to get a deck of Chaosium's Keeper Decks: The Phobia Deck – 46 cards, each detailing the effects and consequences of a phobia, mania, or episode of madness. The Curious Characters Deck - 46 cards, each providing game characteristics and backstories for a range of characters that...
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    Harlem Unbound By Darker Hue Studios To Be In Special Collection Of Museums

    This really is wonderful news, and, as you said, WELL DESERVED. The supplement is a treasure trove of information, ideas, background and possibilities for the Call of C'thulhu gamer, or anyone else curious about the time who might want to include some in their current campaign. I'm glad this...
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    Kobold Press' Warlock Gaming Zine

    I would love to see more Call of C'thulhu 'zines. Most, sadly, have fallen into disrepair and abandoned.
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    Building The Modern World For Your Campaigns

    I am very bummed that I am not a member of your group playing this. It would be AWESOME, and I would even learn a new system for it. And you know how I hate learning new systems. - Bill
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    Shining A Spotlight On RPG Patreons

    C'mon my fellow Call of C'thulhu cultists! Support Thom and the rest of his Into the Darkness crew! (Caveat: I am one of them, but make zero money. I actually GIVE Thom $20 a month because I love me some CoC) -
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    Chaosium Announces Upcoming Community Creator Program Called Miskatonic Repository

    May I also recommend that you checkout and join Chaosium's Cult of Chaos? It's their organized play section. It gets you access to upcoming CoC scenarios to run at conventions, and it also gains you access (more to your above point) to their Cult of Chaos Library, where folks can submit their...
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    Chaosium Announces Upcoming Community Creator Program Called Miskatonic Repository

    I'm very interested, but the devil (or Elder God) will be in the details.
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    Taking Nominees for Most Anticipated RPG of 2018

    But, but, I want my 2 volume slipcased hardcover editions! - Bill
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    Taking Nominees for Most Anticipated RPG of 2018

    1) Prince Valiant, the Storytelling Game - Nice to see this cross the finish line, as it was Stuart Wieck's passion project before his untimely passing. 2) Delta Green - I've been waiting since 2015. What's another year? 3) This Defiant Earth - Another Kickstarter I backed; looks like hecka fun...
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    Basic Fantasy Role-Playing: An Entertaining Game With One Of The Most Robust Communities You'll Find

    I can always tell one of your articles just by the title when it shows up in my feed reader. Quality stuff, Chris! I love learning about OSR and Open Gaming from you, sir. Thank you! - Bill
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    All Rolled Up With The Cthulhu Hack

    More like an passionate plea to the Universe in general. - Bill
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    All Rolled Up With The Cthulhu Hack

    If someone would just put out a nice, hardcover Fate Accelerated Call of C'thulhu, I would be a happy boy.
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    [POLL] Which Xanathar's Guide Cover Do You Prefer?

    Standard cover. It scratches my everything looks nice when it's the same layout and font itch.
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    Take Me Down To Cthulhu City

    There are some REALLY GOOD Trail of C'thulhu scenarios out there. I know a lot of people in the ToC community are working hard at converting CoC scenarios to ToC, but I also think an equally valid action would be converting some of the wonderful ToC scenarios to CoC. - Bill
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    The Delays Of Cthulhu

    You are pretty much on the money here. IIRC Mike O'Brien from Chaosium said as much a month or two ago. They're still going to use it for their board games (insert WTF face here), but as far as CoC and Glorantha (insert another WTF face here) are concerned, they are through with Kickstarter...
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    The Delays Of Cthulhu

    This leads me to my thoughts on stretch goals: I think they are somewhat useless, and can actually detract from, delay, and in some instances torpedo an otherwise great Kickstarter. The CoC 7th Edition is Patient Zero for this disease. The number of stretch goals were ridiculous, and even...