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  1. Ed_Laprade

    D&D 5E Those poor farmers!

    Also Innkeepers, Shopkeepers, and those who own a trading post or noble estate. According to the chart on page 127 of the DMG, not only do none of these people make any money from these, they actually have to pay for the privilege of running them! Ok, so I assumed that the text would clear...
  2. Ed_Laprade

    D&D 5E I dream of... What?

    Genies who can't grant whishes aren't Genies, IMO. I guess that's what happens when you call everything a 'monster'. You lose sight of what makes them what they are. Comments?
  3. Ed_Laprade

    D&D 5E Can't Download Basic

    I hope its just that there are too many people trying, but every time I try to download 5th ed Basic I get timed out. And usually within 5-10 seconds! Has anyone else had this problem, or am I just plain screwed?
  4. Ed_Laprade

    D&D 5E Kender are a core race?

    Well, I'll still buy it, but I doubt that I'll ever play it. I swore, even before they became an official race (when they were previewed in Dragon) that if any character of mine ever saw a Kender, he'd kill it on sight. And I still hold to that promise I made to myself.
  5. Ed_Laprade

    New Iron Skies trailer.

    An extended trailer for the Nazis on the Moon flick. I'm surprised no one else put it up first. Looking good. Iron Sky Official Theatrical Trailer [HD] - YouTube
  6. Ed_Laprade

    Heroes of Neverwinter trailer

    I looked at the YouTube trailer and the only word that came to mind was: Primitive. And the Reply button doesn't seem to be working.
  7. Ed_Laprade

    Lone Ranger canceled.

    According to an article I read just a while ago on AOL news the Disney remake of The Lone Ranger has been canceled. And from what the article had to say about it: Hurray!!! (J. Depp as Tonto, and, um, some white guy. Also, possible werewolves!)
  8. Ed_Laprade

    Wizards, nerfed or not?

    First off, I've never played 4e, so I'm only asking. In previous editions Wizards were nerfed at lower levels and mega powerful at higher ones. In 4e they're still the easiest to kill (when on their own) at first level, and their spells aren't that much better than anyone else's abilities...
  9. Ed_Laprade

    Who was Katie Saylor?

    This question has bugged me off and on for three decades now. She did half a dozen things in the mid seventies, of which I've only seen two: Men of the Dragon (movie) and Fantastic Journey (TV), both with Jared Martin and both in '77. And that's it! I haven't been able to find word one of any...
  10. Ed_Laprade

    Watchmen Trailer is up at YouTube

    Here's a link:
  11. Ed_Laprade

    Super Sheridan

    Next week's TV Guide informs us that Bruce Boxlightner (sp?) will be on next season's Heroes. This is almost enough to change my mind about not watching it...
  12. Ed_Laprade

    The Sarah Jane Adventures

    Sci-Fi is showing Doctor Who again, starting this friday! But they are showing something called the Sarah Jane Adventures before it. Is this something new, or the original spinoff? (If the original, I was under the impression that only one storyline/adventure was made and then it was canned?)...
  13. Ed_Laprade

    June 6th

    I think this belongs here in General, but if the Mods think otherwise, feel free to move it. So, am I the only one who thinks that launching 4E on the anniversary of D-Day is rather tacky?
  14. Ed_Laprade

    Translation help, please.

    I was looking at what is avaialable regarding Wicked at YouTube today, as I do from time to time, and found this: It's an interview with the German Elphaba. I just tuned in to see what she looked like, but they seemed to be having a fun conversation so I...
  15. Ed_Laprade

    What's this show?

    I'd like some help identifying a TV pilot or made for TV movie. Unfortunately I don't remember much about it. It was early/mid seventies, a family group gets stormed into another dimention in the Bermuda Triangle. The only thing I clearly remember from it, which differentiates it from a slew of...
  16. Ed_Laprade

    Masters of Science Fiction, 2nd Episode.

    Saw it. Thought it was better than the first, at first, but it got all religiousy and philosophical toward the end. Looks like that's going to be the theme for the series. No wonder it got chopped down to four episodes. Great stuff for those who like it (I can do without it for the most part)...
  17. Ed_Laprade

    Luana: Anyone ever see this?

    Decided to re-read my old paperback Luana (Novelization by Alan Dean Foster, cover by Frazetta) and got curious about it. My google-fu turned up very little. It was an Italian/West German film made in '68. The novelization came out here in '74. I looked for the film when I first read the book...
  18. Ed_Laprade

    What do Centaurs eat?

    The 'What do Giants eat?' thread reminded me of something one of the guys I originally played with pointed out many moons ago. What do Centaurs eat? They have the upper body of a Human and the lower body of a horse. How many stomaches do they have? Do they eat what Humans do, or what horses do...
  19. Ed_Laprade

    Doctor Who: Love and Monsters

    I was not very impressed by this one. It had a couple of good bits: Jackie and Elton at the laundromat, and Rose and the Doctor completely ignoring the monster so that Rose could give Elton a piece of her mind. But basically it moved like a glacier. I understand that the Absorbalof (sp?) was the...
  20. Ed_Laprade

    Doctor Who - 11/10

    A nice episode in the 50s. Until you stop and think about it, at which point you realize how incredibly stupid it actually is. One little shopkeeper innundates half of London with cheap TVs. How? Where does he get the resources for this? The Wire sure isn't providing any. It would take him...