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  1. ZickZak

    D&D 5E Hexblade main stat

    I've made Hexblade its own class and removed Pact otB and Hexblade from Warlock options. At lvl 5, it automatically gets Thirsting Blade invocation. What other stat besides Charisma would you use for Pact Weapon? I'm not really a fan of attacking with Charisma (how does it work?) Warlock was...
  2. ZickZak

    D&D 5E Opportunity Attack and Full cover

    Hello, what if a monster stands next to a wall with a PC and it leaves the PC's 5 ft range by going through the wall. Does the PC still get Opportunity Attack? (aside from being a bit weird on its own- you can run around in circles, but the minute you step back it's a free attack)
  3. ZickZak

    D&D 5E TCoE - Rogue's Steady Aim

    I've been browsing Tasha's Cauldron of Everything these past two days and I have one question: Does the Rogue's optional feature Steady Aim that they get at level three replace their Archetype feature at level three? Thanks!
  4. ZickZak

    Glow in the Dark dice

    Hello, we play in a room during night, where the overhead light doesn't really reach where I roll my dice, so I have to lean closer to them to see what I've rolled. I was thinking of buying the glow in the dark, such as Glow in the Dark Metal D&D Dice Set-Silver Glowing Blue. Do you guys have...
  5. ZickZak

    D&D 5E Spell Points variant rule & Warlock

    Hello, Spell Point variant rule from DMG guide seems to be giving Sorcerer's ability to everyone else except warlocks. Normally, one is able to cast any level of a spell maximum of 4 times a day (I think). With the slots, one has to think even about casting level 1 spell. With the spell points...
  6. ZickZak

    D&D 5E Sanctuary / Minor Illusion

    While under effect of Sanctuary spell, can I cast Minor Illusion on an ally (for example white mist) to make enemy have a disadvanatage on their next attack? Will I keep the Sanctuary? (the spell doesnt directly affect the enemy) Or is it lost?
  7. ZickZak

    D&D 5E Hexblade spells

    Hi, I m creating level 5 Hexblade of the Blade / level 1 Divine soul Sorcerer. My current spells are the ones below and I am unsure about Blink vs Mirror Image, Fear vs Hypnotic Pattern. Suggestion and Shield I could live without. Do you have any suggestions on which spells to replace and why...
  8. ZickZak

    D&D 5E Wealth by level

    Hello, what amount of gold will a PC have by the time they are level 6? I ve calculated 1,000 - 2,680 gold on this site, depends on what "cumulative" means really... And here on EnWorld some guy says they should have 4,500 gp. So considering you play over a course of campaign and reach level...
  9. ZickZak

    D&D 5E Blood Hunter

    I ve checked D&D beyond and I noticed in an "Additional classes" and the only one there is Blood Hunter. Is it a legal class? Is it legal for Adventures League? What are your thoughts of it - OP/UP? Witcher. Thanks
  10. ZickZak

    D&D 5E Hexblade - Two handers

    Hi, can Hexblade Pact of the Blade use Two-Handers with Hex Warrior charisma? Or is it still limited to one handers? Thanks
  11. ZickZak

    D&D 5E UA Mystic v3

    Hello, we are playing level 6 and a member of the group wishes to create a Mystic. Are there any specific points of the mystic class that at level 6 should be avoided? (THP per round, disciplines...) What would you say if the discipline limit is reduced by half and so are the Spell Points? Thanks
  12. ZickZak

    Chance to hit

    Hello, in my group we have tried 5e when it came out, but we quit because of the way attack works - never miss - and went back to 4e. We had an idea lately that if we put the perlevelbonus to ac instead of attack, we might get back to the ca 60% hit chance. How do you think this would affect...
  13. ZickZak

    D&D 4E Sweet spot of 4e

    Hello, I am looking for the "Sweet spot" of 4th Ed. We play only twice a year when going to a weekend house for a week - that is why we play one level and never level up. Currently we play 12th lvls, but by heavy optimizing, I feel there is no real challenge in the encounters we go through. I...
  14. ZickZak

    Hybrid Ranged by Power Source

    Hello, we houserule 4e a bit - mainly whatever power source class you pick, you can pick powers from that power source, except at-wills (rogue can take ranger, warrior etc powers, all martial ones) What would be the best combo for ranged steady DpS? Currently using Drow Binder / Ranger...
  15. ZickZak

    Power question: Everywhere and Nowhere

    Hi, I have a question to this power. When do I use the teleport? Seems like when the target makes an attack, I ll tepeort using free action, which can be taken on anothers turn, making me immune to being hit by that target if I am invisible, unless the enemy knows what square I port to...
  16. ZickZak

    Darkstrider - Cloaked in Shadow

    Hey, can you pls explain how does the below work? When I go to a wall and use it, I dont need to roll stealth and am auto-stealthed vs everyone not-adjacent? Aka none can roll stealth against me and I ll remain stealthed forever? Thanks ------------------------------ Cloaked in ShadowYou...
  17. ZickZak

    Tiers of play

    Hello, we play the way that we set level and we dont level since. Currently we ve been playing 12th level in 4e for 5 years. We play roughly on "Aragorn" level. We are known in lands where we come from and the important people know us all around the continent. We have been thinking if we are...
  18. ZickZak

    Build advice: Limits by Power Source instead of Class

    Hello, we will be trying a new houserule next game: Limiting Power Pool by power source. So for instance Hybrid Warrior and Cleric would allow for all the usual powers fom Warrior and Cleric, but also for all the Martial and Divine powers from any class. Only Encounters and Dailies, because...
  19. ZickZak

    Spell Points

    Do you guys use Spell Points alternative from DM? Any issues you have encountered? Goodberry & spell points (+Life Cleric?) seems like healing machine.
  20. ZickZak

    D&D 5E Levels of play

    I read somewhere that with 4e players shifted towards pathfinder and other games and now with them coming back to feel the "classic feel" What levels would you consider the classes to be most balanced at? What levels do you usually think are boring to play? At what levels does your campaign...