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  1. thanson02

    4E D&D: Brainstorming for the Next Tier of Adventures

    *Edited from Original Post* So I originally made a post regarding what I was thinking of covering for the Epic level of gameplay for my 4E D&D campaign. Because of a technical glitch, my original post was erased................ With that, I have read through the responses to that post and I...
  2. thanson02

    4E List of Potential New Martial Practices

    Cool. :) I would think so. I was referring to one of the post earlier in this thread.
  3. thanson02

    4E List of Potential New Martial Practices

    It is interesting where you are taking Martial Practices. I know i had to do some real reflecting on when i would want to use them in my games before they finally clicked. I guess I see them as a filler for low magic games, where rituals are a rare thing to see and I don't mind cherry picking...
  4. thanson02

    4E Core 4E vs. Essentials

    Hey everyone. I have been having conversations with some of my players in my 4E campaign and they brought some stuff that got me thinking and I wanted to hear your take on this. In regards to character building in 4E, do you prefer Core 4E (Player Handbooks and Power Books) or do you prefer...
  5. thanson02

    4E Reworking class builds for other classes

    Hey everyone. Recently, my wife and I were talking about the Artificer class for 4E and she loves it, but wishes that the class received more love from WotC. We were brainstorming character ideas and one of the things she wanted to do was make an artificer character that has a mechanical...
  6. thanson02

    The role of organizations in RPGs

    Hey folks. I recently got into a conversation with a bunch of gaming friends and we had talking about player characters being involved in organizations which got me thinking. Different game systems have a tendency to approach this particular topic in their own ways, but I found myself asking...
  7. thanson02

    4E Fortune Cards in gameplay

    Hey everyone. The recent discussion about reward systems in 4E reminded me of many of the mechanics introduced in the Unearthed Arcana articles and the D&D Encounters Events, especially towards the end of the run in 4E. One that really stood out was the Fortune cards. Below is a link to a...
  8. thanson02

    4E Looking for NPC stats on epic Forgotten Realms Icons

    My party is on the verge of rolling to Level 11 in this big epic combat challenge, similar to what they did with Reavers of the Harkenwold. For the final confrontation, I was going to have them fight along with two major figures in the Realms.... Elminster and Storm Silverhand However, I need...
  9. thanson02

    4E Options for swapping ability mods for skills

    Quick question for folks. I have a player who wants to use Wisdom for his Diplomacy and Bluff Checks instead of Charisma. Any options?
  10. thanson02

    4E So what is going on with CBLoader?

    Hey 4E crew. Has anyone else seen this? And: I recently ran into an issue where there was an error code and I...
  11. thanson02

    4E Best Feywilds Adventures?

    Hey everyone. So my group just got done with an adventure and there was talk about heading to the Feywilds next. As the DM, I am up for it, but I don't know much on what adventures I should run them through. So, I figured I would ask around. What do you think is the best Feywilds Adventure...
  12. thanson02

    ZEITGEIST Questions on Prestige mechanics

    Hey everyone. I am new to Zeitgeist and so far I am liking it. It has some really interesting options for players and I am thinking of picking certain elements of the campaign world and incorporating it into my current home game, particularly the Prestige mechanic. My players are working in a...