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    How to filter the ENWORLD landing page to not show kick starter

    Is there a way to filter the default enworld landing page to NOT show kick starter projects... whenever I land on this site. The kick starter clutter is really reducing my enjoyment of the site. This all assumes I have cookies enabled and remember me selected for the login options...
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    List of non-official D&D style worlds

    I remember there was once a list somewhere on ENWORLD of a list of Worlds created by others that were on the web or published.. I cannot find it and I am looking for a particular person's world where evil had eventually one the battle against good and you had to bury your dead face-down or they...
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    Review of Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale by WotC

    Thanks for the review! You have made my mind up to purchase the product. Overall, I have liked the D&D Essentials product line. Now if they can just produce a Geyhawk "like" box set for the world... World of Greyhawk, folio edition (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (9780935696233): Gary...
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    NPC Dictionary of Name Pronunciation

    I am always fouling up names and such... Has anyone produced a pronuncation guide for WOTBS?
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    4Th Ed: Act Two: Rivers Flow to the Deep - character level?

    About what level should the players characters be when they enter this Act? We are playing the 4th Edition of D&D From what I see in the module, it seems they should be around 5th level at this point.
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    Fire in the Sky Tokens?

    Has anyone produced a fire in the sky token pack ?
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    WotBS WOTBS - Map for Gauntlet Run

    I know the module has a sketched out map for the Gauntlet Run encounter, but has anyone generated a nice color map of the encounter area? I am runnning the game on my home computer using Fantasy Grounds and would love for my playes to have a nice version of the map. Otherwise, I have to...