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  1. WarlockLord

    D&D 5E So I'm calling it.

    I think I can safely state that D&D Next is going to fail. The mechanics aren't interesting or well-designed, there are no new and innovative features, the fluff is terrible, they're prioritizing "feel" over working mechanics, and it seems the development team has no real direction. There's no...
  2. WarlockLord

    D&D 5E The Door, Player Expectations, and why 5e can't unify the fanbase.

    I'm going to start by quoting the "Bounded Accuracy" article. I think this quote helps illustrate why 5e is not going to be able to unify both sides of the edition war. In the thread NeonChameleon started about bringing 5e players to 4e, he pointed out that one of the editions's strengths was...
  3. WarlockLord

    Review of Beacon in the Dark by Sneak Attack Press

    Do the skill challenges sync up to whatever the current rules for skill challenges are?
  4. WarlockLord

    Something Awful leak.

    Yo: SA leak of D&D 5e's playtest rules -
  5. WarlockLord

    D&D 5E Why don't we like 5e? Here's why!

    There's a thread on these boards which is criticizing those who have decided that 5e will be bad/uninteresting/whatever. So, in an attempt to head off criticism, here's why I have no faith 5e will be any good. 1)The complexity dial is a stupid idea, or poor design goals. There, I said it...
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    Rise of the Murder Hoboes - the campaign

    This is the log of my RL campaign. Players post here.
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    Will Essentials do well?

    The more I read on the internet, it seems 4ee won't catch on. According to the non-4e players thread (which, yes, I know it's just an EnWorld poll and not conclusive), 3.5ers aren't interested, and it seems to be fracturing the 4e community. It's a system reboot 2 years after 4e, which has...
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    Wrath of von Kittykiller Rogues Gallery.

    Post characters below.
  9. WarlockLord

    [3.5] The Wrath of Baron von Kittykiller

    The P.L.O.T. device has been stolen by the Evil Baron von Kittykiller! Von Kittykiller is planning to use it to destroy the world! Only a ragtag band of heroes thrown together by the plot - i mean, fate can stop him! Stop him and save the world! I'm looking for 5 players to play a D&D 3.5...
  10. WarlockLord

    This mentality needs to die

    This. This is videogame logic, the logic that won't let you get past the Ragecandybar man despite the fact that you have 2 dragons and a ghost in your pocket. Tvtropes. Why is this considered good? And would you want your DM to do it?
  11. WarlockLord


    Is it just me, or is the ritual system kinda blah? They cost too much, take too much time to cast...and don't really do much. It takes10 minutes and cash to create a Tenser's floating disk in 4e, whereas it would have taken six seconds in 3e. Few of the rituals do much that's really...
  12. WarlockLord

    Disappointed in 4e

    When Wizards first announced 4e, I was really excited. I thought it would be really cool. So, a few months before it came out, I went out and sold all my 3.x books to Half Price Books. When I finally got the books...they were OK. I have played a campaign for 4 months and we have agreed...3e...
  13. WarlockLord

    Your character died. Big deal.

    While reading these boards up to the advent of 4e, I have seen much discussion over save-or-dies and death. The great debate seems to be over the death of characters, which boils down to "Oh, no, my imaginary elf died." Reading the article on character death (which, in 4e, you can pop out 500...
  14. WarlockLord

    Stuff that still bugs me about 4e

    Don't get me wrong. I like 4e. It's fun, and the basic rules structure has a lot of potnential. Still... Why is the shadow power source going to come out WAY in the future? Why are all the monsters, and not the PCs, still armed with save or dies, if protecting PCs from SoDs was a big goal...
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    Why is it that, whenever I get a box of minis, it seems to contain a lot of garbage no one can use, or that might be used ONCE if at all? I seem to have a lot of farmers, blue drakes, weird abberant things, etc. but it's harder to find orcs, goblins, kobolds, drow, or skeletons that would be...
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    Can't PbP anymore.

    Well, my life started getting busy again. Sorry!
  17. WarlockLord

    Is the Christmas Tree really dead?

    One of the things about 4e was the insistence on getting rid of the Christmas tree of magic items that made high-level characters resemble rappers with bling. Most of this was due to stat-boosting items, etc, that soon became mandatory for defenses. However, while there is a distinct lack of...
  18. WarlockLord

    Can I put an orb on a staff?

    Could a wizard take the orb implement and stick his orb on top of a staff?
  19. WarlockLord

    Let us make a Necromancer

    Alright guys. Everyone is ticked that there is no Necromancer in the PHB. Thus, let's make our own to tide us over until PhB2 comes out. :cool: Here goes! NECROMANCER "We meet again, feeble mortals. Your weak living flesh is no match for the powers of...the Necromancer!" Role...
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    D&D 4E 4e and save or dies.

    I noticed an interesting thing flipping through my Monster Manual this morning. When WoTC announced their decision to get rid of all save or dies, because they killed players, I was not happy. As I recall, there were numerous threads at the time where the SoD haters said "we hate this when...