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  1. Imaro

    D&D 5E Do you think 5e is deadly enough and do you finish off downed characters?

    So this just came up in another thread but I've seen the sentiment that 5e combat is too easy bandied about by quite a few on this site and I'm just curious how many think combat is or isn't too deadly and whether they finish off downed characters by attacking them when unconscious. I'm...
  2. Imaro

    D&D 5E Have you used D&D 5e to run horror fantasy?

    Inspired by a discussion happening in another thread and the release of the Ravenloft campaign setting... I am curious about who on this site has been able to run their D&D game in a horror vein either successfully, ok, or unsuccessfully. For the purposes of the poll let's say successfully is...
  3. Imaro

    Using Star Wars SAGA Skill Challenges in 5e

    I wasn't the biggest fan of skill challenges in 4e (presentation, math, advice, and so on... all kind of coalesced to turn me off of them big time in the 4e PHB)... I recently pulled out my Galaxy of Intrigue book for the Star Wars SAGA line and... wow! I'm not sure why 4e didn't just import the...
  4. Imaro

    Player Responsibility for the GM's Fun??

    So on these boards I've often seen discussion around the GM's/DM's responsibility for the fun and enjoyment of his/her players in a game. One example is the idea that the GM should try to accommodate the majority of concepts players bring to a game, or as another example... that PC's and PC...
  5. Imaro

    D&D 5E 5e Warlord Demand Poll

    This poll is to get a rough gauge of the demand around a 5e warlord. I'm curious to know just how in demand this particular class is for players and DM's of 5e, as well as for players and DM's of 4e. For the purposes of this poll if you are a player/DM of 4e and if you have chosen not to play...
  6. Imaro

    D&D 5E [+] What are your favorite things about 5e?

    As a sort of positive counter to the "Why does 5e SUCK" thread (a thread which I have admittedly spent way too much time in)... I thought I'd ask people what are some of their favorite things about 5e. Maybe list your top 3 or top 5... or just list as many as you want. I'll be back shortly to...
  7. Imaro

    D&D 5E So...Multiattack

    So I originally believed multiattack in the Monster Manual could be used in the same way as extra attacks in the PHB... in other words you could give one up to grapple, shove, etc. However Mike Mearls has actually stated that multiattack is not in fact a subset of the attack action and thus is...
  8. Imaro

    D&D 5E Question Around Warlock Spell Swapping Rules

    Ok so I've run into something I'm a little unsure of concerning the 5e warlock. Under the Pact Magic section of the 5e PHB it states... "Additionally, when you gain a level in this class you can chose one of the warlock spells you know and replace it with another spell from the warlock spell...
  9. Imaro

    D&D 5E [5e +] So what are you currently doing with 5e

    Thought this would be a cool thread to see what other posters are up to with 5e as well as ultimately being a resource to steal/borrow/inspire some ideas for the 5e campaign I am currently running... So I'm asking my fellow posters... Whether it's prepping, house-ruling, running one-shots...
  10. Imaro

    Imaro's First 13th Age Session: "Six Months and a Day" Campaign

    Session 1 : Character Creation So my group started (what will hopefully be a long-running) 13th Age game over the past weekend and I thought I’d do a write-up containing my own thoughts on character creation in the game. First a little about our group… It is a mostly male group, with some...
  11. Imaro

    D&D 4E 4e Encounter Design... Why does it or doesn't it work for you?

    Was thinking on this recently and was wondering about it mostly from the perspective of the 4e fans who claim that the encounter guidelines "work" in 4e. What does this mean? What is the criteria being used to determine this? Is a challenging encounter usually "challenging"? If so how do you...
  12. Imaro

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder Beginner Box Character Creator Released

    Hero Lab just released the character creator for the Pathfinder Beginner Box here... Starter Edition - Hero Lab - Lone Wolf Development It also includes the Barbarian class from the player download Paizo provided. Have to say this was a really cool move on the part of both Paizo and Hero Lab...
  13. Imaro

    New Rule of Three 11/29/11

    I don't think it's on the home page yet but there's a new Rule of Three up here... Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (Rule-of-Three: 11/28/2011) Answers... What is the design philosophy behind each power source? What unites each class under that power source...
  14. Imaro

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder Online MMORPG Announced

    They just announced it... Thoughts??
  15. Imaro

    How do you handle social skills in D&D?

    So I was looking at the thread on Insight in the 4e forums and thought that this would be an intersting topic to discuss outside of a specific edition. One of the things I've often struggled with as a GM is finding a satisfactory way of dealing with social skills (Bluff, Diplomacy, Insight...
  16. Imaro

    D&D 4E 4e & The Duel...How?

    I've been thinking about 4e lately, and some of the problems I had with the game. Now I know many of 4e's fans enjoy the added emphasis (and I would almost go so far as to say requirement) for teamwork in the game. However, one of my problems with 4e was doing the whole... "one on one duel"...
  17. Imaro

    Kill the Messengers... Thanks WotC!

    One of the things I never understood was why WotC didn't release it's "Encounters" or celebrity game adventures online. Personally I have always felt like them doing something like this would be a win/win as far as supplying some nice free support material (like they did in the 3.x days) as well...
  18. Imaro

    Anyone know the lead time on D&D books.

    Just curious if anyone knows what the lead time is in a D&D book? Thought I had seen someone state this before but can't remember where/who or when.
  19. Imaro

    Encounters- Essentials Only, Moving Forward...

    Hmm... interesting, thoughts?
  20. Imaro

    System Mastery and Younger Gamers

    Okay, first let me state upfront that I don't have any data or proof or anything... and most of this is just thoughts and conjecture from observing my son and nephews play games ( videogames, ccg, roleplaying, board and SW miniatures)... but I'm starting to think system mastery might be...