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    Pathfinder (D&D) RPG Group in Mississauga Ontario Canada Seeking Gamers

    Looking for players to join an existing group of Pathfinder (D&D) gamers in Mississauga. We play in the Square One area. Feel free to contact or send mail for more info. No experience necessary.
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    Amazing Stories Episode?

    I know this technically isn't an RPG question but it is related to fantasy and I'm hoping some RPG'ers will be able to help. Back in the 80's I remember watching an episode of a series that I thought was Amazing Stories in which a kid has a next door neighbor who is an old guy (Andy Griffith?)...
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    Pathfinder 1E Paizo Age of Worms - Need Help

    In the Age of Worms adventure path series there are some references to a couple prior events: 1) The Fane of Scales (a temple that fell to earth as a comet) 2) Malgarius (a demon lord in the form of a fiendish tree that explodes and wrecks destruction upon the surrounding city) Where can I...
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    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder City Stat Blocks?

    I just purchased Lost Cities of Golarion (great resource, btw) and it's one of my only Pathfinder books. Where can I find what the statblock abbreviations mean? e.g., Corruption +1, Crime +2, Economy +3, etc.
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    Focused Attack Option (House Rule)

    This is a new house rule I've thought up and am looking for opinions. Normally, as a full attack action you can make additional attacks based on your Base Attack Bonus (BAB). For every 5 points of your BAB you get an extra attack at a -5 penalty. So a +11 BAB gives a primary attack at +11, a...
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    Spell Resistance???

    How come I can't find the rules for how to calculate Spell Resistance for a monster? I've checked the Monster Manual, the Rules Compendium, the DMG, Savage Species, and can't find zip. Can someone point me to a rules reference?
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    FFG Monster's Handbook Download?

    I just picked up the old Legends & Lairs - Monster's Handbook put out by Fantasy Flight Games in 2002. In it there is a reference that the Magical Beasts section is not included but is available on the FFG website (Fantasy Flight Games - Leading publisher of board, card, and roleplaying games.)...
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    Annual Chessex Battlemat Clean Up Reminder

    Every year around this time I do some maintenance on my four Chessex Battlemats by cleaning them. What you'll need: - Water - Sponge or shammy (I use a sham-wow like cloth) - Cleaner with vinegar (I use Windex multi-surface cleaner but the key is that it needs to have vinegar in it) Steps...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Skuz (2E) Conversion to 3.5E?

    Anyone know/seen a 3.5 version of the 2E undead Skuz (from MC 11 - Forgotten Realms Monstrous Compendium)?
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    Paladin of Tyranny Immune to Fear?

    A paladin of tyranny (Unearthed Arcana p. 55) has the aura of despair ability that gives enemies within 10 feet a -2 penalty on all saves. The description then says the ability otherwise functions identically to the paladin's aura of courage ability. Aura of Courage (Su): Beginning at 3rd...
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    D&D Point Card?

    So I was thinking about Dungeon and Dragon magazine and whether or not they truly were loss-leaders for TSR/WotC (but that's another thread!) and it got me thinking... The mission purpose of WotC seems to be to broaden the fan base by bringing in new players. Nothing new there, I've heard that...
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    Prestige Classes that Add Int to AC

    The Invisible Blade prestige class (Complete Warrior) has an Unfettered Defense ability that allows you to add your Int bonus to AC (unnamed) so long as you are not wearing armor and are armed only with daggers. The Duelist prestige class (DMG) has the Canny Defense ability (below) that seems...
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    I remember a rule somewhere that a creature can't fly with natural wings if it's HP drop below 50%, but it might have been 2E. Does anyone know if there are any 3.5E rules that limit flying? I think there's a rule that flying creatures can't have more than light encumbrance but I'm not sure...
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    Breath Weapon Line?

    Under Dragon in the MM it states that a line breath weapon is 5 feet high by 5 feet wide. I thought I read somewhere that a line affects the squares on both sides of a grid line (i.e., two 5-foot spaces on either side of the grid line). From the SRD: A line-shaped spell shoots away from you...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Random Plane Generator? (3.5)

    I'm sure I saw a random plane generator somewhere. Does anyone know where I can find it? Was it the Planar Handbook or the Manual of the Planes?
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    Strongarm Bracers?

    From the Magic Item Compendium, page 138. They say the wearer is treated as one size category larger than normal, so a human can wield Medium or Large weapons. I understand that kicks up the damage dice. But does this item also grant additional reach? In my case I have a human armed with a...
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    Paladins and Prestige Classes?

    Is it correct that if a Paladin takes a level in a prestige class then he cannot take another level in Paladin unless the prestige class explicitly states that? (e.g., Kensai) In short, does the restriction apply to just base classes or both base classes and prestige classes? From the SRD...
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    Monster BAB and Ranged Weapons?

    Let's say a monster has a BAB of +22 but doesn't have any listed ranged attacks. Monster wants to use a ranged weapon, say a thrown weapon. Does the monster get 5 ranged attacks per round based on its +22 BAB? This assumes the monster is capable of throwing that many weapons (e.g., Quick...
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    Archmage Spell-Like Ability - Save DC?

    Short and sweet question: Is the saving throw DC as per a spell from the caster or as per a spell-like ability? From the SRD: Spell-Like Ability: An archmage who selects this type of high arcana can use one of her arcane spell slots (other than a slot expended to learn this or any other type...
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    Switching Up Speed Mid-Turn?

    Can you switch between moving and half-speed and normal speed during your same turn? For example, Tumbling has an additional -10 penalty when moving at normal speed. Can you Tumble past an opponent at normal speed and then Tumble through an opponent at half-speed all on the same turn? Or once...